JAPAN: Kyoto

7 Aug | Christen Duerring | No Comments

The End of the Adventure

Well, we’ve just reached the end of our big, Japanese summer journey. It seemed so long ago since we started, and yet, it went by in a flash. It’s an odd, kind of bittersweet sensation. And although the majority of us seemed ready to return to the states, I get the feeling we all are …


20 Jul | Christen Duerring | No Comments

Keeping cool in Kyoto

We’ve had some sweltering hot days in Kyoto, but, regardless, they sure have been interesting ones so far! We had a few days to ourselves before classes started, so we used them to our advantage by exploring and going on some misadventures (namely, the time I got lost on the backstreets during a typhoon!). After …


11 Jul | Christen Duerring | No Comments

Nothing says welcome like a typhoon!

After a fun ride on a shinkansen (bullet train), we arrived in Kyoto for the first time! And what better way to experience Japan to the fullest with typhoon weather? The rain has been pouring on and off, with the river raging underneath the bridges. The past few days have been surprisingly laid-back for being …


11 Jun | Christen Duerring | 6 Comments

Off to Japan!

  As soon as someone suggested that I study abroad in Japan, my mind was made up then and there. I was going to study abroad, and it would have to be Japan. Everything about their culture, history, and media fascinated me, and it was my dream to see it all for myself. Now, about …


31 Jul | Brianna Castillo | No Comments

Everything I expected and more!

From the moment I arrived until the moment I had to depart my trip was nonstop laughs, exploring, walking, sightseeing, friendship building and adventurers. I really thought I would’ve been able to blog more but between the ridiculously awesome trips planned, my intriguing classes, and my free time spent engaged in conversations with my cool …


10 Jul | Brianna Castillo | No Comments

Keep Calm

I will be the first in my family to travel to Japan and probably the only one. I wish I could take my entire family but trust me I will enjoy it for all of us. I sit in my kitchen knowing in just one day I will be 13 hours ahead of my home …


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