ITALY: Tour of Italy

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Weekend Trip to Austria & Hungary

Highly recommend Bus2Alps!! I book a trip to Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg though this tour operator and was beyond pleased with my experience! I was hesitant to do this trip as it was quite expensive, just under €300. After one of the best weekends of my life, I can assure anyone questioning the purchase, it …


14 Feb | Devin Burns | No Comments

Weekend Trip to Florence

Just got back from my first weekend trip and I am glad I got to explore the city and compare it to Tuscania, as I had considered studying in Florence for the entire semester! Visiting Florence was an absolute BLAST! Very young city full of students just like myself! Florence reminded me of NYC, as …


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Tour of Italy: First Week of Classes

Just finished my first complete week of classes… forgot I actually have to take classes while studying abroad… Since I am in a 3 cities program, I only have 2 classes Monday-Thursday. I was fairly nervous about each class lasting 2.5 hours, seeing as I cannot stay awake for my 50 minute classes at my …


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Tour Of Italy: Tuscania

First week: ✓ I must admit to having second thoughts in the car ride from the airport to Tuscania. I started to think I should have stuck with an entire semester in a bigger city, like Rome or Florence. Then I saw the town… my concerns have subsided. I know no Italian, and often feel …


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The Adventure Begins

After months of planning and excitement, we arrived in Tuscania on Thursday night, excited to begin our stay in Italia!  Our host parents, Mario and Irene, and their daughter, Michela, immediately made us feel at home in their beautiful house in the center of Tuscania. Tuscania is a beautiful city, and we are so excited to …


23 Feb | Adrianna Palmero | No Comments

My Venetian Adventure

The city of Venice in Italy, or “Venezia” as the Italians call it, has always been on my list of must visit places, so it was a given that I would use one of my school sponsored trips to visit Venice.  We left Florence when it was still dark, and after a few hours arrived …


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