ITALY: Sorrento

27 Jan | Amanda Ebner | No Comments

Amanda’s Adventures: A Day in Napoli

The Sant’Anna Sorrento study abroad program offers a number of excursions to local places in Italy. Some of them are for classes, but others are for everyone in the study abroad program. The latter was the kind of field trip I went on today. Today the offered field trip was a day trip to Naples. …


24 Jan | Alexis Pero | One Comment

Bella Vita di Lexi: Quick Trip to Vienna, Austria!

My first trip while in Europe was a complete blast! It started out a little rough but we recovered very quick and had the best two days in Vienna, Austria! My friends (who I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about) Cristina, Amanda, Kassie, Gabi and Maddie, and I arrived in Vienna shortly after 10pm. The …


15 Jan | Amanda Ebner | No Comments

Amanda’s Adventures: A Non Hiker Goes Hiking

Those who know me may be well aware that I am not a hiker. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate hiking. I enjoy a good walk on a nature trail in a park. But hiking as a strenuous activity, is not for me. Lucky for me, a trail local to Sorrento happened to be …


13 Jan | Alexis Pero | 4 Comments

Bella Vita di Lexi: My First Week

Hello again! It has been exactly a week since I arrived in Sorrento and started the biggest journey of my life. It has already been quite an amazing journey and has gone so much smoother than I thought it would. I had so many exceptions coming into this, and so far, they have already been …


9 Jan | Amanda Ebner | One Comment

Amanda’s Adventures: Flight Frenzies

When about to study abroad, there are a number of things that might make you nervous. I know I was nervous about a lot, but my most immediate stress stemmed from the flights. Unless you’re from a city near a major airport and studying abroad in a country close to your own, you’ll likely have …


7 Jan | Alexis Pero | 4 Comments

Bella Vita di Lexi: Making the Decision

Ciao! My name is Lexi Pero and I am a sophomore, Pre-Nursing student at Florida Gulf Coast University. I am from New Jersey but I moved to South Florida when I started college in 2018. I am 4 days into my semester abroad in Sorrento, Italy and I am loving it so far! I can’t wait …



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