ITALY: Sorrento

24 Feb | Alexis Pero | 4 Comments

Bella Vita di Lexi: Budapest, Hungary

Hello everyone!! Since I Iast wrote, I have been to three different countries and it has been insane!  On Thursday morning, Cristina, Lily and I took a shuttle from Sorrento to Naples Airport where we boarded our first flight to Budapest, Hungary. We arrived at 4:30pm so we checked into our hostel and then went …


21 Feb | Amanda Ebner | No Comments

Amanda’s Adventures: Two Cities, One Weekend

For the last weekend before spring break here at Sant’Anna, my friend Victoria and I set out to explore two of the most famous cities Italy had to offer: Venice and Florence. We knew from the beginning that this would be a packed weekend.  We wanted to make this a doubled up trip where we …


20 Feb | Alexis Pero | 3 Comments

Bella Vita di Lexi: Classes Abroad

Contrary to popular belief, yes, we have classes here, and yes, I have to go to them! I just got off the phone with my grandma telling her all my plans for the upcoming week and she said “Do you even go to class?” To answer that question, yes, yes I do! Here in Sorrento …


12 Feb | Alexis Pero | 3 Comments

Bella Vita di Lexi: Interlaken, Switzerland

I just want to start off by saying how incredibly lucky and grateful I am for this whole experience. The people I have met and the things I have learned about myself will forever be held very close to my heart. This weekend I spent 2 days traveling and 2 days in Interlaken, Switzerland. Those …


10 Feb | Amanda Ebner | No Comments

Amanda’s Adventures: Naples and Pompeii

This weekend, I was able to take the opportunity to go on two separate excursions as part of my program. On Friday was a trip to Pompeii, included for everyone at Sant’Anna. On Saturday was a trip to Naples, as part of my History of the Mafia class. In Pompeii, it was fascinating to see …


4 Feb | Amanda Ebner | One Comment

Amanda’s Adventures: First Steps in Learning a Language Abroad

When I was figuring out where to study abroad, I knew I wanted to study in a place where the dominant language spoken was not English. I’ve always appreciated the value of knowing more than one language, but despite taking French all throughout high school, I can’t say that I started my study abroad journey …


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