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I Lived

Final Thoughts Before Heading Home One month. I have lived in Rome, Italy for one whole month. When looking back on the past four weeks in this city, one quote continues to pop in my head: “If I can do this, I can do anything”. As much fun as traveling throughout Europe has been, I …


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It’s Not all Pasta and Gelato (Although the Gelato is Pretty Good)

Dealing With Unexpected Feelings Abroad When studying abroad at my university, students have to complete an online orientation before they can go. This consists of tips, warnings, and instructions for a student’s time overseas so they know what to expect. I can always remember a certain slide of the presentation that gave a chart of …


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When in Rome…

I have done so much traveling since last week! While still in Florence, I visited the Museo del Duomo, and saw some really amazing artwork! I learned more of the history of the Dome of Florence as well. Friday morning, I took a trip to Fiesole, which is a small town just outside of Florence. …


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Travel Tips and Culture Scripts

I am not an expert but… I have lived in Rome now for almost two weeks and I have been jotting down some things at the end of each day that I think future travelers will find helpful if they decide to come to Rome. So, for this post I am going to do something …


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Starting from the Beginning

Ancient Rome Today is officially day number six on my adventures in Rome. I have seen so many sites the past few days and have learned a great deal of information on some of these areas. Although we have explored many areas of the city, we have probably spent the most time in Ancient Rome. …


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Buongiorno Roma!

First Days in Rome Its finally here, we have arrived in Rome! After a nine hour flight, navigating through the airport, and a rather crazy taxi ride, we are now settled into our new home. It has been quite an interesting first few days, but so exciting. Here are some things I have noticed/learned so …


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