GERMANY: Heidelberg

24 Sep | Hannah Alarcon | No Comments

Dorms at ESC Heidelberg

What should I expect? Be prepared to climb a lot of stairs. On a normal day the stairs aren’t a problem, but when you have two suitcases and are jet lagged those stairs seem to go on forever! There are two floors of dorms with each floor equipped with a full kitchen and bathroom. I …


5 Sep | Hannah Alarcon | No Comments

Why Study Abroad Early?

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Alarcon and I am from Pennsylvania, where I attend Cedar Crest College in Allentown. I am a sophomore Political Science major. Normally when people talk about study abroad their first thought is going during either their junior year or senior year of college. So when I told people I …


30 Oct | Samantha Paradis | No Comments

Berlin and History

This past weekend, my group at the European Study Center and I went to Berlin for the weekend. We stayed in a beautiful hostel, close to shopping centers and restaurants, giving us an advantage to easily find entertainment and food outside of our guided tours. Over the few days we were there, we were given …


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Weekend Travels

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to not only immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are visiting, but, bank account allowing, the cultures of the other countries as well. A group of my friends and I went to Budapest and Vienna for the weekend. While in Budapest, we were able to enjoy …


17 Oct | Samantha Paradis | No Comments

Hiking and Oktoberfest

On October 3rd, German Unity Day, my friends and I decided to take advantage of all the stores being closed as well as no classes to get into German nature! We endured a four hour long hike to the Heidelberg Handschuhsheim overlooking the Neckar River, a different perspective than we have previously been used to …


8 Oct | Samantha Paradis | No Comments

Surprise, Surprise!

  This past week was my 20th birthday. It felt monumental for me to begin my twenties in a different country. The day before my birthday, I was working on a group project with a friend late at night when someone suggested we take a break and grab a quick bite to eat. I of …


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