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London Week One

Well, friends, I made it through the plane ride. Thank God. That was the part that I was most concerned about. BUT GOODNESS, I’M NOW LIVING AND BREATHING IN LONDON. On Thursday when I flew in, I slept. Once a couple of hours after I unpacked and again after I shoved food down my throat …


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Meet the Athena Study Blogger: Claire Edition!

Two days. Two days to pack up a month’s worth of clothing and valuables. Two days until I get on a plane, fly for seven hours straight, and arrive in my new home for the month of June. London, I am so ready for you. Yes, I have to leave my family and my friends …


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4/6 Weeks… How?

The first week of my new class ended with a walking tour of Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway.” We had a guided tour of the locations and areas that Woolf wrote about in her story about a day in life of a high-class woman. The book was written and published after the first World War so …


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Goodbye Session 1, Hello 2

Hello Athena Abroad enthusiasts! Session 1 is officially over and Session 2 is underway. Let me apologize for not staying up to date during Session 1. Since my class was one that traveled everyday, I was in Central London for 10-12 hours daily! It was a beyond packed schedule but I am so happy that …


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Start of Week 1

Week one has started! I just had the first day of my first session class. It’s a media and culture studies class so today was the only day we were in the classroom. Our professor has organized trips to museums, theaters, and libraries across London for the next three weeks. Tomorrow, our first trip is …


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Cincy to Madrid to London

One week from today I’ll be stepping onto the University of Roehampton’s campus, and I cannot wait!! With months of preparation behind me, I am ready to start my 6-week summer program. I arrived in Madrid, Spain just yesterday for an 8-day visit before I fly over to London. I have several friends from my …


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