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Around the Field: Mankato Student Fell in Love with Greece, Going a Third Time

Nhan Nguyen, a junior at Minnesota State University, Mankato, is a three-time study abroad “winner.” Not because he won money to go to Paros Island (Greece) twice already and is going a third time this summer, but because he found a study abroad location that he absolutely loves. Nguyen, a BFA in painting student, went …


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Sorrento Program Alum Advises Internships
for All Study Abroad Students

For Rachel Jongsma, who studied at Athena’s program in Sorrento, Italy, hosted at the Sant’Anna Institute during Fall 2019, it’s quite simple: “If I met someone who planned to study abroad I would highly advocate for an internship experience. The benefits are infinite.” (She also is an advocate for Sorrento!) She knows this from experience: “My …


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Writing History Led to Nia Alexander’s
Black Girls Abroad Blog

Nia Alexander Campbell started writing novels—she’s up to four unpublished manuscripts—in high school. As a Virginia Commonwealth University student, she studied abroad three times—short-term in Morocco and Greece, plus at VCU’s Qatar campus. So it should have surprised no one that Nia Alexander (her artistic handle) might write publicly, and extensively, about her study abroad experiences.
The result, launched in January 2019, is Black Girls Abroad, which focuses on her experiences travelling abroad as an American who was, as she points out, black, vegetarian, anxious, a woman, an artist, a student, and a nerd, though not necessarily in that order.


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Athena’s Greece Program Offers Unique Course on Cycladic Art and Culture in the Greek Islands

Cycladic Art & Culture, a regularly offered course at Hellenic International Studies in the Arts (HISA) on Paros Island (Greece), may well be the world’s only course on the history of art and culture in the Cyclades—the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. Better yet, the course takes place not just on the islands of …


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Around the Field: Photography History Course in Paris Dispels Assumptions, Deepens Cultural Understandings

Michael McCarthy, Director of Paris Institute for Creative Arts (PICA), a program that Athena co-founded with both McCarthy and Whittier College (CA), says that people think they know and understand photography because they see so many different photographs in so many different places every day. He quotes American documentary photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia, who once said, “photography …


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Aberdeen’s Team-Taught Genetics Course Popular Among Study Abroad Students

The Genetics course at Athena’s Scotland’s Program, hosted at the University of Aberdeen (GN3502), is open to study abroad students who go to the university during spring semesters, but it’s also a core course for third-year students in 28 of the university degree programs—ranging from genetics to immunology, developmental biology, molecular biology, and 24 others.  …


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