Bella Vita di Lexi: Budapest, Hungary

Hello everyone!! Since I Iast wrote, I have been to three different countries and it has been insane! 

On Thursday morning, Cristina, Lily and I took a shuttle from Sorrento to Naples Airport where we boarded our first flight to Budapest, Hungary. We arrived at 4:30pm so we checked into our hostel and then went out exploring for a bit. We had really good street food and saw a bunch of pretty buildings. Our hostel puts on a program called River Rampage every couple of nights and we were lucky enough to be there one of those nights. The River Rampage was a club on a boat that took us on a 2.5 hour ride down the Danube River and back. We met some pretty amazing people here!  

The next morning we woke up and grabbed a quick breakfast. It was freezing, windy and raining so we decided instead of walking around Budapest to see all the sites, we would do the hop on, hop off bus. This was a really good investment because we saw all the sites, got some free things and sat on a dry bus! 

Later that night we were all extremely exhausted so we ended up laying in the hostel for a little bit before getting Thai for dinner since every street had at least 2 Thai restaurants on it. I missed good, cheap, sushi… you can’t find that in Italy! After that we wanted to check out a 7-story club with a different theme on each floor but Cristina forgot her ID so we ended up walking back to the hostel and going to sleep!

The next morning we all got ready and made our way back to the airport for our next journey! Stay tuned! (Country 1/4)

Side note: The money system in Hungary is extremely crazy and confusing when you’re trying to convert to see how much you’re actually spending. When we first got to the airport our bus tickets to the city center were 2,700 Ft. ($8.69) and then food was 599 Ft. ($1.91). It was so interesting to see how other countries work!


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