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Italy Internship Launches Fashion Career of Athena Alum


Athena's Passport: Your Entry Into Our World of Study Abroad
Partner News | June 14, 2019 | New series issue #4
Fiore Bianco handbag, one of Simmons’ creations
Fiore Viola scarf, one of Simmons’ creations
Around the Field:
Athena Alumnus Making a Splash as a Designer
Dominique Simmons wanted to be a professional football player, but little did he know that was not what fate awaited him: he was going to be a fashion designer. Dominique is a living example of the concept that you can make a career out of your passion.


How To: Include Your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume

Those who have, currently are, or will, study abroad can all attest to the benefits of doing so. Phrases such as life-changing,” “amazing,” “eye-opening,and once-in-a-lifetime opportunitypop up in almost every conversation about someones experiences abroad. But you need to be willing to dig deeper when speaking (and writing) about time spent exploring. So just how should you convey that amazingexperience on your resume? Its a lot of information and it can feel overwhelming when trying to accurately and meaningfully communicate an experience abroad on a one-page resume (on top of all other education, internships, skills, and work experiences on there already). Here are a few tips on how to get it all in there so you will stand out as the one to hire.
In this issue…
Research Article Explores Impact on Teaching from Leading Study Abroad
By Dane S. Claussen, Ph.D., MBA
Manager of University Relations
Athena Study Abroad

Learning to Teach in the Field: Five Professors Tell How Running an Oversea Study Tour Improved Their Classroom Teaching,by Katherine Ellinghaus, Jennifer Spinks, Glenn Moore, Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton, was published in the Spring 2019 issue of Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad. The article is designed, as it says, to examine the positive impact of overseas study tours on the teaching
philosophies and classroom strategies used by the professors running the tours.
It notes that scholarly literature in study abroad is minimal about how leading faculty-led study abroad affects faculty. Each of the five co-authors, who teach in different fields at five Australian universities, contributed an essay about how leading study abroad programs changed how they teach and sometimes what they teach.


Moore writes about challenging students, Spinks writes about teaching with objects, and Hetherington writes about visually oriented teaching (rather than only texts). Ellinghaus writes about settling on a teaching personaand Atherton writes about teaching with a spirit of adventure.The essays succeed in describing specific changes in teaching and putting them into larger contexts. However, it is unclear whether the methodology included the co-authors responding to prompt questions, whether drafts were circulated among co-authors, how the co-authors were chosen, etc. As with all self-reports, corroborating evidence
would be helpful, but it is absent. Finally, because teaching is such a personal endeavor, disciplines differ and national cultures differ, the co-authors
experiences and conclusions cannot be generalized. This article should be a starting point for future research.


Program Highlight: Dublin, Ireland
PROGRAM: Athena partners with Griffith College to offer students unique offerings such as computer science and hospitality management, which are normally difficult disciplines to
find overseas. Dublin, t
he Capital of the Emerald Isle, will provide students with the visuals of big city life, but the unparalleled Irish culture will keep them feeling as if they were locals from the countryside!

Fall, Summer

COURSES: Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, Business, STEM


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