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Athena’s Passport: Post-NAFSA Special Issue



Athena's Passport: Your Entry Into Our World of Study Abroad
Partner News | June 5, 2019 | New series issue #3
The Global Learning Collective Annual Retreat

The leaders of each of the 5 member organizations that comprise the Global Learning Collective consortium came together for an amazing weekend of work and bonding pre-NAFSA in Maryland. It is
always a pleasure to work with not just partners, but good friends! Take a peek into our weekend.

In this issue…
• Global Learning Collective Annual Retreat

• Athena and the Global Learning Collective prominent at NAFSA

• Program Highlight: AFE Programs

• Top 10 List: Tips for NAFSA follow-up

• Global Give Wrap-Up and Collective Reception


Athena and the Global Learning Collective prominent at NAFSA
After our enriching and inspirational team-building weekend, Athena and our Global Learning Collective partners met in Washington D.C. and exhibited together in a beautiful island booth (#1701) at NAFSA.NAFSA CEO Dr. Esther Brimmer selected The Global Learning Collective booth as one she wanted to visit on May 28th. The Collective members had a great opportunity to speak with Dr. Brimmer about the state of the field, the next developments on the horizon for each of us, and the collaborative work that will be coming from the Collective as a whole.
Thank you Dr. Brimmer for your support!

Top 10 List: Tips For NAFSA Follow-Up

NAFSA is always a whirlwind of sessions, receptions, keynote speeches, meetings, and of course, networking!
Dr. Dane gives us a top 10 list of ideas to put in practice after the conference.

NAFSA expo
Global Learning Collective Reception
NAFSA expo
Global friends attended Collective’s NAFSA’s “Taste of the World” reception and
connected around the conference
Global Give Fundraiser Wrap-Up and
Taste Around the World Reception

As usual, a lot of things happened at NAFSA!

The Global Learning Collective exhibited together in a beautiful island booth (#1701), where we had the pleasure of meeting old partners, making new friends, and hosting our first “Taste Around the World” Reception on May 30th. At this invitation-reception, we hosted partners from around the world to meet and connect with each other, as well as to enjoy delicious beverages and snacks from each of our corners of the world!

In addition to the events of the Collective, we at Athena were
thrilled to host our 4th Annual Global Give Fundraiser, benefitting one of Athena’s S.O.S. Charity Recipients – the GoAbroad Foundation.

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and donated! Your donations, combined with Athena’s dollar-for-dollar match, enable us to continue again this year to create scholarships benefiting students in the Philippines. Read more about this year’s Global Give Fundraiser, and…DRUMROLL PLEASE…see what the winning virtue was (according to your votes)!


Program Highlight: AFE Programs

What is AFE?: Athena for Educators (AFE) is our way of giving educators the support that they need to take students on high-quality study abroad programs. Every one has different hopes for what a study abroad program can provide for their students: Athena works with you to build a program that fit your needs. In addition to our existing partner network, we have collaborated with several other personalized, intentionally smaller, mission-driven international education organizations to create the Global Learning Collective, which enables us to expand our already strong network of partnerships to better serve customized program requests, and to enhance our ability to offer high-quality immersion opportunities in nearly every area of the world including Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

Type of Programs:Embedded Programs, Field Courses, Research Trips

How does it work?: The process is quite simple!If you’ve got an idea for a program, let us know! We would love to help you make it a reality. Simply complete your program request form and we will help you build your ideal program.

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