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Winter Term Abroad: Athena Announces New + Classic Offerings


Athena's Passport: Your Entry Into Our World of Study Abroad
Partner News | August 15, 2019 | New series issue #8
Inviting Athena Alumni to Become Ambassadors
We have created the Athena Ambassador Program in an effort to help students adjust to life after study abroad, give them the opportunity to help others from their

school have the same experience they did, and to help students earn extra money while also gaining valuable work experience!

For students interested in becoming Athena Study Abroad Ambassadors, roles that give them wonderful opportunities to share experiences and encourage others to have their own unique adventures abroad, please refer students to cassandra.begin@athenaabroad.com
or they may fill out our Ambassador Application now. Deadline to apply for the Fall 2019 cohort is this Sunday, August 18, 2019!

In this issue…

How to: Expertly Pack for
Study Abroad

Determining what you need from what you want. Fitting everything into the right-size bag. Making sure you can lift said bag on your own….Packing correctly can be an art form!

Check out Athena’s tips and ideas to expertly pack your suitcase and don’t leave anything important behind.

Around the Field: LdM Florence Launches
Partnership, Courses with Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli

Athena’s Florence campus at Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici’s has joined forces with Florence-based Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli-International Center for the Arts and Entertainment to make available to the city, and internationally to future generations, the artistic and cultural heritage of Zeffirelli’s 70-year career.

Starting in the 2019-20 academic year, the partnership will offer new courses at Athena’s LdM Florence campus in performing arts, literature, media arts and studies, and more. For example, students will have the opportunity to approach masterpieces of world literature, such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Dante’s The Divine Comedy, from an interdisciplinary perspective, discovering how they have been interpreted in different media, inspiring renderings in movies, figurative arts, music and more. Inspired by Zeffirelli’s multifaceted career, students will delve into the magic of visual and performing arts, exploring from a privileged point of view the diverse professional paths originating from them.


NSSE Data Again Show Correlations between Study Abroad and Other High-Impact
and Co-curricular Activities
By Dane S. Claussen, Ph.D., MBA
Manager of University Relations
Athena Study Abroad

“An Analysis of the Connections Between Involvement in Study Abroad, Other High-Impact Educational Practices, and Co-Curricular Activities,” by Lily M. Di Maggio, was published in the Spring 2019 issue of Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad. Di Maggio, of Seton Hall University, analyzed a sample of National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) data from 31,628 seniors (5,238 of whom had studied abroad). NSSE collects data on academic challenge, learning with peers, experiences with faculty, and campus environment, including about high-impact practices (HIPs). HIPs are measured using Kuh’s definition: learning communities and specific common educational experiences, service-learning or community service activities, research with faculty outside of classroom requirements, internships, study abroad, and culminating senior experiences.

Di Maggio’s data showed, “Overwhelmingly, students who study abroad chose to engage in multiple-participation in other voluntary HIPs, in co-curricular programming, and in interactions with faculty for extracurricular purposes, and there is a differentiation between the participation pathways of different groups of students when controlling for race/ethnicity, gender, and major.” However, as she put it, the “majority of these results can be described as weak associations.” Overall, Di Maggio concluded, “Students who study abroad are often very involved students, who get involved in many other activities in addition to study abroad, who are committed to developing social capital, and who participate in study abroad (if they are from an underrepresented study
abroad background) if others who are like them choose to enroll in higher numbers at their university or if their friends study abroad with them.”

Di Maggio noted in her well-done study that she could not control for parents’ education levels and, most importantly, that correlations do not establish causation.

Program Highlight: Winter Break Programs
Athena Announces New + Classic Offerings

For students wishing to make the most of their J-term or holiday break, Athena offers a great variety of overseas programs during winter break. Participants can earn up to 6 credits over the J-term and stay on track to graduate.

Have a J-term? Don’t have a J-term? No problem! We have a variety of enriching winter break options for students from every institution.


Florence, Italy. (LdM 4 weeks or SRISA 2 weeks NEW!). Florence is one of our most popular destinations for a reason. The city itself is like a work of art – all of the architecture, the people, the food.

Sorrento, Italy. 3 weeks NEW! Sorrento offers one of the most incredible vistas on earth. The city sits on cliffs along the Italian coast, and features a
warm and welcoming family and community feel!

Cape Town, South Africa. NEW! Students live and learn about South Africa firsthand, reflect about how countries and communities develop, and consider what is meant by development and progress.

Madrid, Spain. The capital of Spain is a city that seems to come to life as the night goes on. You will find Madrileños socializing and networking at all hours of the day.

Cusco, Peru. Cusco is the former capital of the Incan Empire situated at 11,000 feet above sea level. Excel in Spanish while exploring legendary locations such as Machu Picchu.

Quito, Ecuador. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and is the highest capital city in the world! Get ready to discover a vibrant culture steeped with traditions dating back to the Incans!

Paris, France. Paris is a remarkable program. Students will have the opportunity to live and learn in one of the most amazing cities in the world, while also getting one of the most personalized academic experiences Athena offers.

COURSES: Humanities, STEM, Social Sciences, Arts, Business.


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