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Athena’s Passport – Athena Partner LdM Expands Theatre; Ciao Maestro!


LdM Adds Theatre Courses, Ciao Maestro!

Athena's Passport: Your Entry Into Our World of Study Abroad
Partner News | June 28, 2019 | New series issue #5
Extra! Extra!
LdM Florence Partner and Film Director
Franco Zeffirelli Dies at 96
Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, namesake of the Florence-based Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli-International Center for the Arts and Entertainment, died June 15, 2019, in Rome. He was 96. The Center recently formed a partnership with Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) to offer new courses in performing arts, literature, and media arts/studies at its Florence campus in Fall 2019.
Zeffirelli donated his archive to the city of Florence, which established the Center to make available to the city and internationally, to future generations, the artistic and cultural heritage of his 70-year career. The Center, in the city’s heart, includes his film productions, and his works of drama, opera and ballet. LdM, the Italian educational institution with campuses in Florence, Rome and Tuscania, was founded in 1973 and is recognized as a top academic institution in Italy.

Top 10: Summer Places to Study Abroad

Summer study abroad programs are a fantastic opportunity to travel, experience another culture and earn academic credit in a shorter period
of time than a full semester. We present you with 10 summer study abroad destinations that you cannot miss!
In this issue…
• LdM Partner and Film Director Franco Zeffirelli Dies at 96

Around the Field: NAFSA Panel Gives Tips for
Heritage Programs for Students of Color
Three experts gave numerous tips about heritage study abroad programs for students of color at a May 30 session during the annual NAFSA convention in Washington, D.C.
The speakers were Dr. William Pruitt III of the University of South Carolina, Dr. Stephen K. Appiah-Padi of Bucknell University, and Lisa Shen of Drexel University. Pruitt is USC’s Assistant Director of Global Collaborations, Appiah-Padi is Bucknell’s Director of the Office of Global Education, and Shen is a study abroad advisor and communication manager.
Rubric Developed for Using Digital Storytelling for Reflecting on Study Abroad

By Dane S. Claussen, Ph.D., MBA
Manager of University Relations
Athena Study Abroad

“Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Fostering Reflection,” by Ali Hamilton, Donald Rubin, Michael Tarrant, and Mikkel Gleason, was published in the April 2019 issue of Fron-tiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad. The researchers designed and tested what they call the VALUE Discover Abroad Digital Story Rubric to assess students on a variety of criteria after they completed a study abroad program and a digital storytelling project within a week of their return. The new rubric drew on existing American Association of Colleges and Univer-sities (AAC&U) rubrics for Critical Thinking, Oral Communication, and Intercultural Knowledge and Competence. The researchers’ goals were assessing disciplinary thinking, multimedia coherence, and intercultural understanding. Twenty-five students’ projects were assessed; all had completed only “Maymester” courses in English-speaking cultures, managed by the University of Georgia.



Results naturally varied among the stu-dents. The researchers suggested that students needed more training in visual rhetoric, that research should be con-ducted on students from other study abroad contexts (and also over the long term), and that students should be made aware in advance of the rubric that will be used to assess them. They also sug-gested that designers of study abroad programs focus more “on how students can incorporate knowledge and experi-ence gained through studying abroad into their lives once they return home.” The researchers’ rationale for adapting AAC&U’s Oral Communication rubric for their “multimedia coherence” assessment was weak; for example, they apparently did not consult any relevant research in video/television/film design and produc-tion, even though such scholars have the most expertise in visual storytelling and their field is distinct from both oral com-munication and English composition.


Program Highlight: STEM Programs
Students majoring in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) can also study abroad and enjoy the unique experience and excitement that international education offers while staying on track for graduation!

As an Athena STEM student you can study in Aberdeen, Scotland; Dublin, Ireland; Rome, Italy; Florence, Italy, and London, England.

COURSES: Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Genetics, Mathematics, Physiology, Web Development, Zoology, etc…

TERMS: Spring, Fall, J-Term, Summer

MORE INFO? Check our discipline specific program resources to learn more about the programs offering STEM courses.

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