Athena’s Hosts Event on Cross-Country Tour for “International Educators United for Women”


Singing the praises of meaningful travel from behind the wheels of your very own tricked-out RV is wayyy more fun than only doing so within character counts.

GoAbroad.com's RV for the roadshow
Yup, the RV beats a tweet. Every. Time.

In January 2017, the GoAbroad team launched the #intledunited campaign to stand up for equality in the Women’s March on Washington. The team will spend four days chugging across all 1,669 miles from our Fort Collins, CO offices to Washington, D.C., rallying with other incredible international education groups in Chicago, IL and Pittsburgh, PA along the way.

Join us to support the #intledunited campaign!


Ready to show your support for #intledunited?

  1. Talk about women’s equality in your respective offices
  2. Brainstorm ways to empower students of all backgrounds to find meaningful travel
  3. Hang out with us at events along our route in Denver, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Annapolis
  4. Join us at the march in D.C.
  5. Buy a campaign button
  6. Share on social media
  7. Get involved with a local march in your own city
  8. Stand up and advocate for the safety and security of everyone in the USA
  9. Donate to our scholarship fundraiser for women


GoAbroad.com is proud to work in a field of passionate and driven women. We are joining hundreds of thousands of others to march on Washington to…

  1. Promote inclusivity in travel and international education. Everyone deserves the opportunity to travel and to feel safe doing it.
  2. Support the safety of both American students going abroad and international students attending school in the United States. Educational exchanges are powerful tools for building engaged global citizens— because of them, future world leaders are better prepared for the job.
  3. Champion impactful learning experiences that foster mutual respect. In international education, we create spaces for intercultural exchange, which opens minds to more compassionate worldviews and understanding towards others.
  4. Advocate for women’s leadership. We know the women of yesteryear paved the way for us today, and we want to continue creating opportunities for future women to have leadership roles in their organizations, their schools, their communities, the international education field, their countries, and beyond.
  5. Build a more peaceful future. We lift up all humans and believe the success of our world depends on the cooperation from people of all identities.

As international educators, we value differences of language, thought, and experience. GoAbroad.com supports equality for all people, everywhere, and aims to unite other international education professionals who share our firm belief in inclusivity.

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America: Bold, Beautiful, Brave, and Better Together

An estimated 500,000+ people marched in Washington D.C – part of the 4.1 million people participating worldwide – to send a message: women’s rights are human rights and we stand together. So… How Was It? Good? Amazing? Incredible? What words could possibly do this experience justice? (Sounds familiar, eh?) We’ve learned to dread this question …


GoAbroad will be driving 1,667 miles to D.C. and 1,667 miles home for a total of over 3,000 miles, and stopping along the way for events in Denver, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Annapolis. We hope you can join for one or more!

#intledunited route

If you’re planning to participate in the Women’s March on Washington in D.C., we invite you to walk with our group of international educators. Please join our Facebook event to get updates on meeting locations and times.

We are lucky to have so many amazing partners along our route who have offered their space to co-host events with us. Join us in Denver, Chicago, Pittsburgh, or Annapolis through the links below (Please RSVP):

For questions about any of these events, please contact Nikki Powers at nikki.powers@goabroad.com.

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