Athena’s 4th Annual Global Give Fundraiser at NAFSA 2019


And once again it’s that time of year….NAFSA is upon us! As we at Athena are preparing for the conference, we are thrilled to officially announce our 4th Annual Global Give Fundraiser which will take place during the NAFSA conference in Washington D.C. this year!

This fundraiser has been so popular among NAFSAns that it has become a permanent part of Athena’s charitable arm, S.O.S.  Giving back is a core mission of Athena Study Abroad, and through the various branches of our S.O.S. program, we and our students have been able to join countless charitable organizations to bring about change we want to see in the world. From service-based scholarships, to donations of proceeds and services, to staff service to our own community, to sponsoring events and organizations that we believe in, we do all that we can to make the world a better place for everyone because we feel as global citizens, it is our duty to do so.

With the donations raised last year at NAFSA through our Third Annual Global Give Fundraiser as well as Athena’s dollar-for-dollar donation match, we were able to donate enough to the GoAbroad Foundation to result in the third GoAbroad Annual Scholarship that supports a student in the Philippines to go to school for an entire academic year!  Read more about this year’s recipient below.  We are beyond thrilled with the support we have received year after year from our fellow international educators and are very excited to continue giving to this amazing charity this year.

**Also for those who don’t carry cash, we are thrilled to announce that we will have a CREDIT CARD PAYMENT OPTION this year!**


This year, for our Global Give fundraiser, will be giving away ADHESIVE CELL PHONE WALLETS (with inspirational quotes in various colors) to all who donate.  Just stick it to the back of your phone and keep the most important cards with you at all times!



We found ourselves in a discussion about the current state of the world and what we all thought the world could use more of. It goes without saying that the world could use a lot more of a bunch of things, but we want to know what you think the world needs the most right now.  This year’s 4 virtues to consider are:

  • Humor
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Hope

We as international educators have a lot of thoughts on the subject, so we encourage you to stop by our booth, cast your vote, and tell us why you think the world needs more of one of these virtues the most.


Not only do we want to have stimulating conversation with you at our NAFSA booth, but we also want to hear what students have to say about the topic.  Therefore, whichever virtue receives the most votes will become a part of the scholarship essay prompt for Athena’s Global Give Scholarship applicants through the GoAbroad Foundation’s scholarship program in the Philippines! You will be able to follow along with the adventure of choosing the scholarship recipient, hearing what the recipient has to say about the top chosen virtue (as selected by the int’l ed community), and how it relates to education. Read about last year’s scholarship recipient, Betty Griego!

Follow along as Athena Study Abroad and the GoAbroad Foundation provide updates after the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at our island NAFSA booth #1701 with our Global Learning Collective partners!

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