Athena’s 3rd Annual Global Give Fundraiser Feels the Love in the City of Brotherly Love at NAFSA 2018

At this year’s NAFSA in Philadelphia, we at Athena could definitely feel the love in the City of Brotherly Love! NAFSA can be a bit hectic and overwhelming, like driving in Italy, but in both places the chaos is worth it for all the wonderful people, great food, and historic culture. It was such a pleasure to meet old parters, make new friends, and most importantly, host our 3rd Annual Global Give Fundraiser benefitting one of Athena’s S.O.S. Charity Recipients – the GoAbroad Foundation.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, and we hope you enjoyed the fun sleep mask gifts as thank yous for your generosity!  Hopefully they helped you get some much-needed rest on your way back home. Those donations, combined with Athena’s dollar-for-dollar match, enable us to continue again this year to create scholarships benefiting students in the Philippines!  With the ongoing faithful support of our international and domestic colleagues across the field of international education, we plan to push this upward trend even higher next year in Washington D.C.!

Just this week we received this latest thank you and update note from Jerlyn Mae, who was the recipient of a full academic scholarship funded by Athena’s 2nd Annual Global Give Fundraiser last year.  This is exactly why we do what we do!  Read about the life you changed by donating last year:

Jerlyn – Thank You Letter – GoAbroad Foundation/Athena Global Give

Excerpt from this breathtaking letter: “…I am a girl that has impossible dreams in life, and there you are extending your help for me to make all of those possible.  If I could just scream and shout to tell the world how thankful I am, I would.  No words can say and explain how really thankful I am for having you…thank you for putting bright colors in my life.”

Jerlyn Mae, 2nd Global Give Scholarship Awardee

In addition to collecting donations, we also asked visitors to our booth to vote for the virtue the world needs most right now. The choices were:


Thank you to all who made their voices heard! With a total of 256 votes cast, the winner was… Empathy!   This will be the basis of the next Athena Global Give Fundraiser scholarship essay prompt. Be sure to check in later this year and read these though-provoking essays with us!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this a great NAFSA,
and for the free publicity from that Philadelphia construction company! 

Our cozy little corner at booth 2117

We hope to see you all next year in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.!


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