Athena “Fee Freeze” Feature Locks in Program Fees for Students

We at Athena know that costs and finances are typically at the heart of the question “can I study abroad?”  Working out how to reduce costs and budget properly are at the top of the list of things to figure out.  Athena is committed to working to figure out more ways to make study abroad as accessible to students as possible, and the Fee Freeze is our most recent initiative aimed to help our students!

Athena’s “Fee Freeze” feature allows students to freeze the current published cost of the location and term of their desired study abroad program for up to 24 months!

  1. Start the application for the location and term you desire
  2. Pay the non-refundable app fee
  3. The current published price for that location and term will be locked in for up to 24 months!

Because prices can change from year to year, this offers one more way for students to lock in their program price and to budget accordingly for programs in the future.

Freeze Louise!  Is this exciting or what?!  Get started with your application now: Apply.AthenaAbroad.com

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