Athena Joins Forces to Launch the Global Learning Collective

We at Athena Study Abroad are thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with several other personalized, intentionally smaller, mission-driven international education organizations to launch the Global Learning Collective.

The Collective is the first truly global consortium of educational organizations that share similar values, offer a personal connection to your in-country host partner, while providing on-the-ground expertise and local access in each region of the globe. The proud members of the Collective are:

Athena Study Abroad

The Asia Institute

Campus b


EDU Africa

Independent Organizations. Aligned Values.

(In short: this is not a merger!)

In our continued efforts here at Athena to provide our students and partners with high-quality, immersive, and intentionally impactful programs across the globe, we are always on the look out for innovative ways to expand and grow our offerings while still remaining faithful to our current partners, and true to our core of being a purposely smaller family run organization focused on authentic and immersive opportunities abroad. Maintaining these values can be very difficult to achieve with organizational consolidation and mergers, because often in those instances the heart and driving engine of the local organization is no longer local.

Athena’s involvement with the Collective changes all of that. Through this collaboration, we are able to offer our partners:

Expand Customized and Faculty Led Programming with Athena.

Athena’s involvement in this consortium enables us to expand our already strong network of partnerships to better serve customized program requests, and to enhance our ability to offer high-quality immersion opportunities in nearly every area of the world including Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. For new and old partners alike, Athena will be there every step of the way on each customized programming request. We will collaborate with our partners to ensure you continue to get the support and thoughtful programming that you have come to expect from Athena, and to guarantee that Athena’s standards and services are met throughout your experience. The process is still the same – simply visit our Athena For Educators (AFE) page to complete your program request form and we will help you build your ideal program.

A Collective Presence (No Pun Intended!) at Conferences and Other Events.

Because we will continue to remain separate organizations doing unique work in different areas of the country and world, you will surely see each Collective member presenting independently at fairs, meetings, and events throughout the year. However, at the larger signature events of the international education field, we will be aligning together as a group to share our Collective wisdom at seminars, sessions, exhibit booths, and more.

Any Location, Any Duration.

The Collective is your trusted resource for personalized, localized programming across the globe. Build your own program with the Collective, or join one of our catalog of program offerings!

We are excited to bring the resources and power of this consortium to all of our partners, both in the US and abroad. Each of the members of the Global Learning Collective believe fully in who we are independently, as well as who we are as a Collective. Once you get to know all of us, we are sure you will too! Learn more at GLCollective.org or contact us here at Athena at info@athenaabroad.com.

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