Assignment Week in Europe

This past week was seriously beautiful, yet seriously chaotic. This was assignment week so we had from class and I took that as an opportunity to travel A LOT. On Saturday I flew back to London where I spent a few days wandering around and sitting in parks. On Monday I left London and took a five hour bus ride to Liverpool, which is an amazing waterfront town filled with history. It is where the Beatles got their start and where the Titanic sailed from, so that was all very cool to see. Now here comes the really chaotic part…on Wednesday I flew from Liverpool- Barcelona-Geneva, Switzerland where I spent two days literally in tears because of how beautiful the scenery was. Although traveling there was stressful, I can say that is probably the best and most scenic trip I have been on. I LOVE mountains so being able to see the Alps was amazing. It was cloudy and you could only see a little portion of them, but it was still the one of the most incredible moments of my life. We also walked to France….yep…we walked to France and took a tram car up the side of one of the Juras mountains. Once on top you could see all of Geneva….once again I was in tears from awe and happiness. I’m back in Dublin now, a little tired, but extremely thankful. 

I also realized that when I landed back in Dublin after this week long of traveling I was extremely relieved. It’s like coming home after a long time away which is a big deal because that means this place officially feels like home.



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