Arriving Safe and Sound

Hey there! So since this is my first post for the Athena website of the semester, I thought I’d tell you a little about myself before I delve into my experiences so far. So my name is Abby Pittman, and I go to Whittier College. I’m a junior there, and my major is English Creative Writing, with a double minor in Gender and Religious Studies. Along with classes, I also compete on the swim team, where my absolute best friends are. One of the main reasons I decided on Whittier College, was because of how easy they make it to study abroad. So, freshman year, I hauled myself down to the study abroad fair, and grabbed every pamphlet, every booklet that I could see. My original plan was to go to London or Scotland, but as I immersed myself in the information, I came across the Athena Catalog, and I absolutely fell in love. The pictures are what drew me in, but their course titles is what kept me. It didn’t take long before I was calling my mom and telling her I’m going to Greece. Two years later, here I am! Thankfully, this is not my first international trip, so the traveling portion is pretty much what I expected. My flight left out of San Francisco Airport and then I had a connecting flight in Istanbul, Turkey. I ran into a little hiccup in that airport because I couldn’t access the WiFi, because none of the instructions we’re in English so I couldn’t check in with my parents. Other than that though, the whole process went really smoothly. After arriving in Athens, I quickly procured my luggage, and found the assigned taxi driver who was holding up a sign with my name on it, and made my way to the hostel we’re currently staying at. Since it’s night out, I wasn’t really able to see much of the city when I came in, but I did catch my first glimpse of the Parthenon, and Zeus’ temple, which was awesome. The hostel itself is pretty nice, but I may have accidentally flooded the showers; I haven’t quite figured out how they work yet. Anyways, since I’m super jet lagged, I’ll be signing off, but check back in in a couple of days for a post about our stay in Athens and traveling to the Island!


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