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b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2016-01-07-at-9.24.25-PM_20160112-120849_1.pngAs I am sitting here at the airport I am replaying the last few days and weeks leading up to my departure.  I have found that I can pretty much sum up the days in one adjective:  NERVOUS!


Top 3 things that my nervous last days have consisted of:


1. Saying my “See You in Five Months” to all of my friends and family.  I am definitely someone who would consider themselves to be a home body.  I enjoy being around my family as much as possible, sleeping in my own bed and hanging out with my friends.  With this being said, the goodbyes were bittersweet because I know that I would miss everyone immensely, but I also know that these next few months have the potential to be life changing.


2. Packing.  Much harder that I thought.  I am notorious for being the person who says “well I might need this” or “this could come in handy if I am cold but not too cold and want to wear something light gray?!” Ridiculous I know.  I had to get over that and pack the basics (and a little more).  I am happy to announce that with a little bit of persuasion, my bags miraculously were .5 pounds under the weight limit and are on their way to Germany.  Am I nervous that I packed enough? Yes.  Am I nervous that I packed more than everyone else? Yes.  Did the whole packing ordeal clearly make me nervous? Yes!  


3. Stressing about making friends.  Walking into a situation where you know absolutely no one is never easy, let alone having that situation be half way across the world.  I have had to keep reminding myself that others are walking into the same type of situation, being away from home, not speaking the same language and wanting desperately to make friends.  Maybe these commonalities will help us all to become friends?  I’ll keep you posted.  


I am sure that other people can relate to these feelings of nervousness.  Sometimes it is helpful to be reassured that you aren’t the only one feeling a certain way!  I am hoping that in next weeks blog I can confirm that I was not alone in these feelings!  


Until next week, 



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