Athena students are provided with a dedicated Athena emergency telephone number before they leave the U.S. Athena staff monitor this emergency line 24/7. Upon arrival, students are also provided a local 24/7 emergency contact number for an on-call staff member at the host university.

Students are advised to do the following:

  •    Provide accurate contact information for themselves to their
         parents, Athena directors and advisors both overseas and
         in the US, and to their home institutions.
  •    Stay in touch with their parents or emergency contacts in the
         event of an emergency.
  •    Read through all of Athena’s advising materials and handbooks
         prior to going abroad to be as prepared as possible in the
         event of an emergency.


In the event of an emergency, students should take the following steps:

  1.    Seek medical treatment or assistance from local authorities (if applicable)
  2.    Contact the emergency on-call staff member overseas for assistance
  3.    If, after contacting the staff overseas, students need the assistance of U.S.-based Athena
         representatives, call the Athena emergency number.

Note: While U.S. Athena representatives will always be available to assist our students, it is recommended that students contact the on-site emergency number before contacting Athena, as overseas staff are able to be of more immediate assistance in urgent situations.

In the event a program is cancelled for safety and student security reasons, Athena will work with the affected students to help them transfer to another Athena program.

Student Preparation Resources

Because study abroad is a wonderful opportunity to enhance a student’s educational and personal development, we at Athena encourage students to actively participate in their program preparation so they are as ready as they can be for life abroad.  Our pre-departure resources provide a wealth of information to students prior to departure: 


We also provide the resources below for students to do additional exploration and preparation:

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