With the program quality of direct exchanges and the personalized services of program providers, we truly believe that Athena is the best of both worlds. This stretches beyond our desire to provide quality and personalized study abroad experiences to our students and extends into our partnerships, both overseas and Stateside. Our Partner Affiliation Agreement was created as an outpouring of this very desire, to ensure that we build a creative, working, mutual, and healthy relationship with our closest U.S. university partners.

Being an affiliated partner of Athena opens up a multitude of resources spanning from personalized support to program discounts. This non-exclusive agreement simply states that Athena and the U.S. institution are partners and allows us to provide benefits and services such as:

  • Affiliation discounts – $500 off semester programs & $200 off short-term programs (3+ weeks long)
  • Streamlined enrollment & billing processes
  • Prioritized campus visits
  • Strategic outreach support
  • Customized program opportunities
  • Special promotion discounts
  • Site visit opportunities

We strive to make study abroad as accessible as possible to students, and these discounts & services are just the start of how we try to do that. Through this agreement our hope is to create meaningful and mutual partnerships that will result in benefits for both the U.S. institution and Athena, in addition to creating an even more supportive environment for students. Therefore, as our partnerships grow, so also will Athena’s support services & benefits.

If you wish to be a part of our Athena family by becoming a partner affiliate, or if you simply want more information about our affiliation agreement, please contact our University Relations Team at

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