Adventures in Germany and Amsterdam

This past week has no true word to describe all that we did. To start, for class this week we went to the Schwetzingen Palace and Gardens. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. We started with a tour inside the palace and then proceeded to the backyard where the garden was. It still amazes me that it used to be one family’s backyard. Everything from the bushes to the flowers was perfectly trimmed and planted. It is the perfect place to spend the entire day at, also because it’s like a maze getting through it. This past weekend 20 of us decided to spend the weekend in Amsterdam together. While it poured the entire time the first day we were there, we still managed to do the Anne Frank house and walk around to the parks and the red light district. By the end of the weekend, we only had one broken phone, one phone left in Amsterdam, two missed trains, one security incident at the Van Gogh museum, and a clogged toilet on the bus ride home. This may sound like a lot but for twenty people I would say it was a successful first weekend trip out of Germany. Hopefully the rest of them are a little bit easier, but it’s all an adventure no matter what.









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