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Our goal is to introduce students not only to the language, but also the culture of the Spanish speaking countries in the world. We are offering a workshop to introduce your children to the Spanish language and culture.

During 8 sessions, Spanish for Kids will teach your child the basics of Spanish language!

Every Wednesday evening (4.30 to 5.30 pm) in Saint John Paul II Elementary School in Hermitage, in the Library

If you are between 6 –12 years old, we welcome you to join us!

Why Study Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.


Once you learn Spanish, you can easily learn other languages. Because the Spanish language has Latin roots, many words are similar to other Latin based languages such as French, Portuguese and Italian. Even without studying, many Spanish speakers are able to understand these languages, even if they cannot speak them.


Schools start language training too late.  Schools in the United States start language training well past the prime time when young brains can best absorb language learning.  These courses will help to bridge the gap until schools begin their language training, and our workshops will give kids a head start to learn now!


Increase travel opportunities. Spanish speakers have a wide variety of countries where they are able to use their language skills to get around, therefore being able to speak Spanish will make travel a little less stressful.


Further career opportunities. The demand for bilingual employees is increasing in today’s world, and a candidate who speaks any second language is generally going to have an advantage when applying for a job. Spanish speaking candidates are well sought after for international companies with ties to Central or South America, and even the US.


Learning a second language improves your brain. It also gives you better reading skills and more confidence.

Where & When?

Every Wednesday (4.30 to 5.30 pm) starting February 20:

Library in

Saint John Paul II Elementary School 

Hermitage, PA

About the teacher

Pilar was born and raised in Spain. After being in contact with the English language all her life, she made it her Major at University, obtaining a Master’s Degree. She has been teaching languages since she graduated, to people of all ages and nationalities. Now that she is living in the US she would like to teach not only Spanish language but also Spanish culture and make people aware of the importance of learning and sharing other languages/cultures.

How much?

Per student fee (introductory discounts apply for signup):
$85 $75 for the full course

*Students must sign up for the entire course. 

Enrollment is limited and materials are arranged upon each student’s registration. Sorry, no refunds or class make ups.


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