A Whole New World

….and when I say “A Whole New World” I mean that literally. I’ve been in Italy for a matter of 3 weeks and going onto my last upcoming one. Balancing my schoolwork, time with roommates, and taking day trips I find it hard to come to my apartment at the end of the day and keep up with social media. I am in a whole different world where I actually find it difficult to not be distracted from any happening right outside my window. Hence why I may even be the slowest blogger ever! My video blogs even too, I only have four live videos, but there’s still so much more I would like to share. Maybe the blogging lifestyle isn’t for me, but I can clearly see that Youtubers who make their channels an income are doing something right if they have the patience to sit in front of their computer and edit videos for a few hours. I really shouldn’t be complaining, but in case anybody is reading this and considering doing video blogs for a study abroad / mini-vacation, I personally find a little difficult to be motivated to be on my computer when I come back from a whole day’s worth of events, proceed with caution!


Perhaps that’s enough about my life trying to come back to my apartment, on with the good stuff. I live on a not-so-shady alleyway off a quiet street that has a lot of high-end fashion stores. Every day I walk outside my apartment and think that I sure wish to come back again and do a lot of shopping in Florence. I’m also about a 5 minute walk from the Arno River. The view is great and one of the things I love about Florence is the the little-big city feel. Probably mentioned this in a previous post, but when you’re visiting a city like Florence you find that getting around by foot isn’t as bad as it seems. Even walking in the middle of the cobblestone-filled streets has a good feeling to it too. I’m taking an Intercultural Studies class and basically what we do is sit down as a class and discuss the cultural differences between American, Italian, and other prominent countries like England (where our professor is from). It’s my favorite class even though it’s a lot of work. Even though any visitor to Italy can pick up on the different norms I find it very knowledgeable to talk about things in context. Such as the food culture. Italians are very concerned with the quality in ingredients when it comes to how their meals are prepared. Interestingly enough they don’t go out to eat as much as we think they do considering many big cities in Italy have a variety in places to dine. Based on my research, going out to eat is something that mostly the younger Italians do (20 something year olds), whereas the Italians who are outside that age range and are tied with a family may only eat out once a week or once every few weeks.; unlike Americans who may typically eat out up to 3 times in a week. 


Another class I have been taking is Event Planning. It’s a very stressful class because me and the other 18 or so Americans taking this class have to deal with our professor who is separated from us through a language barrier. She speaks decent English, but mostly everyone in my class including myself are always asking for her to repeat herself, and if there’s anything we should put more focus into. It’s unstructured, but we’ve been told by our advisors that it is also her first year teaching. After 3 weeks we finally got teaching assistant who is fluent in English and the class is also assisted by the previous Event Planning professor from last year. With one week left in the class we are nearing our big event that we have been planning throughout the session for other students in our school. We’ve done planned marketing strategies, done promotion, planned which foods we will be serving, and have come up with an interesting theme. The whole event is based upon “secrets” and discovery. Myself and a few others in the class will lead a tours from one part of Florence to another part where guests will meet for an apertivo and a brief presentation on unrecognized street art that we have shown the guests from Point A to Point B. It’s on Monday and I’m looking forward to seeing how this will play out.


Until next time, keep updated. Next post I’ll share my experience from my trip to France all in one!

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