4/6 Weeks… How?

The first week of my new class ended with a walking tour of Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway.” We had a guided tour of the locations and areas that Woolf wrote about in her story about a day in life of a high-class woman. The book was written and published after the first World War so we learned some of her locations were bombed in World War II and rebuilt to what we see now.

The purpose of the class is to expose us to different styles of writing and then mimic them with our own stories and creative writing. So for Monday, we will have to write a story in a stream of conscious. Earlier this week we focused on keeping details a mystery in writing, character descriptions, and writing a scene about our character.

Tuesday was the 4th of July and I couldn’t skip out on celebrating! A group of us at Roehampton payed 15 pounds to be a part of a pub crawl that was 4th of July themed. The group putting it on knows there are lots of Americans in the area during the summer so they throw this every year. It was a lot of fun and we met tons of other Americans!

It’s about 5:45am here in London and I’m up throwing some last minute things in my bag before I head to the train station! I’m meeting my friend in Amsterdam! He’s studying abroad in Madrid so he rounded up a few of his classmates and we all planned a trip together. It’s fairly simple and cheap to travel around in Europe once you’re over here.

I’ll be sure to show off my Amsterdam photos in my next post!


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