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So far we have been out to eat quite a bit, the food is much healthier here and delicious!! My favorite place so far that we have been to is Bewley’s Cafe, so good! they have so much to choose from: sea food, salads, pastas, pizzas, not to mention the dessert is to die for!

Another one of my favorites is the Cake Cafe, it is literally the cutest cafe I have ever been to, it’s hidden behind this paper store, defiantly a must see if you visit! Today we ate at a little restaurant called munchies downtown near the Temple Bar, another really good place. The food hasn’t been to expensive so far, usually about 8 euros to 12 euros depending on what you get.

Now the grocery stores are another story… they are a bit pricier and there is not much to choose from, also – not haven an oven and only a mini fridge for 4 people makes it a bit more difficult. So far I have been living off grilled cheese, PB&J’s, and cereal! Not to healthy but still very delicious, we are on the search for a good inexpensive Grocery Store! I’ll keep everyone posted when I find something!





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Griffith College Campus

Here are some pictures of the Griffith Campus!




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Apartment Kitchen

Here are some pictures of the Kitchen! Like I mentioned earlier there is no oven and it comes with a mini fridge instead of a regular sized one…




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Apartment Bathroom

These are some pictures of the bathroom that’s included in the Griffith apartment, they’re a little odd… the bathroom is like a 3-in-1, the sink, toilet, and shower are all in this compact area, not bad but very, very tiny.




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Una Nuova Casa: My Arrival in Italia

The New Beginning:       I chose to study abroad in Florence, Italy for a long list of reasons. The one that may have had the most impact on my decision, though, was the fact that every single person that I talked to about their previous experience studying abroad in Florence was a rave about …


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First week in Tuscania!

It has been an incredible and exciting week!

 I arrived in the Rome airport where I spent several hours meeting other people arriving for the Tour of Italy program and the Semester in Tuscania progam, as we all waited for the bus to get us all.  After settling into our apartments we all met at school for our welcome dinner.  It was really fun to get to know other students and it was a wonderful evening.  Over the next few days we had Orientation, applied for our Permit of Stay, had a tour of Tuscania, and another group dinner to welcome those who had flight issues and arrived late the first night.  

I really enjoy my roommates and the other students on the program.  It is so intriguing to meet people from all different places and backgrounds.  Hearing about other peoples experiences is not only interesting but informative of who they are and the places they come from.

One night I went to my friends apartment and we had a group dinner with a group of people which was really fun.  We ate, talked, and spent time together.  It was really nice to get to know people better.

Yesterday some of the locals took us just a little ways out of town and took us down this (fairly steep) hillside.  At the bottom was very pretty stream with rocks.  From there we could see some ancient Etruscan tombs.  The Italians that took us explained about the tombs and all of the artifacts generally buried with the Etruscans during the time.  We heard several tales of the area as well as heard about native plants and animals.  On the way back they took us by to meet a horse (which made me very happy).  Then we made the long trek back on foot.  It was a bit of a hike, but we were in good company and beautiful countryside, so it was very fun and entertaining. 

I started class today.  Everything went very well and I think I will enjoy the classes.  In Greeks Etruscans and Romans we started learning about the Greeks and some general geography.  In Italian (I am in Elementary 1) we talked about what we ate for lunch, learned the alphabet and sounds that letters make when put together, as well as learning the verbs to be and to have.  I think that it will come fairly quickly having Italian everyday and being immersed in the culture where we can directly apply it.   

My street in Tuscania (My door is on the right)

Looking out over the town 

The river from our hiking adventure 



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