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Sunday, Dec. 9, 2007 | Paros Island, Greece

Adam Goldberg is from St. Louis and is a TV/Video major from Emerson College in Boston. He is blogging about his study abroad experience in Paros Island, Greece. Well, we’ve reached the end. Classes are over, the show went well.  People are leaving gradually, going back home and traveling or various other things.  I’ll certainly …


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Sunday, Dec. 2, 2007 | Paros Island, Greece

The show was on Saturday!

The week leading up to it was busy with moving stuff around and cleaning up the school for the show – basically turning it into an art gallery.  We moved all the furniture out, and people swept and mopped and cleaned up from top to bottom.  A lot of classes were held at the apartment so as not to clutter the school.

All the visual arts students met and chose space on the wall to hang all of their stuff.  People rushed to finish their paintings and get all their work ready for the show.  The photo classes matted and hung all their work. 

All I had on display were my photos since I’m not in any painting class.  So I had to find pieces of glass that fit on my prints, cardboard backing and black paper matte. 

I put it all together for all 9 of the prints that I chose, and then arranged them on the floor to see how I wanted to hang them on the wall.  Then, a friend and I hung all of them on the wall in the proper arrangement. 

Flyers were posted in shop windows all around town, so local people showed up, as well as students from the other art school on the island.  The show started at 7 and went until around 11, it was so much fun, and felt too short, over too quickly. 

Everyone’s art looked great, everyone here is so talented!

After a little bit, we started the poetry reading portion of the show and I went first. I read three poems.  It was so much fun, as the atmosphere was really welcoming, and even after the show, when we were all at a bar, the bartender came up to me and told me how great of a job I did.  I didn’t even know he had been at the show!

It was a lot of fun and I’m sad it’s over.  I wish it could have been longer, or perhaps happened over two nights or so.

Well, classes are wrapping up this week, and soon we will be leaving.  It’s so sad, but I’ll be excited to go back home.  If only I knew when I would be able to return.

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