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Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007 | Paros Island, Greece

Did I say things were getting crazy before?  Well I guess I was wrong, because they’re absolutely nuts now.

Everyone’s getting prepared for the big show which is on Saturday.  Today, in photo class, we went down to the school and matted all our pictures to be hung.  The interrelated media students are in the process of clearing out all their projects from the gallery space.  All the visual arts classes met at once too, to discuss how, and where everybody was going to hang their work on the walls.  The school has been effectively converted into an art gallery.  All the paintings have been taken off the walls, and all the furniture moved, courtesy of the students.

There are flyers up all over the town for the show, and I’m excited to see the turnout.  Apparently, lots of people from the town come, which should be great!  Of course, it makes me nervous too, because my photos will be on display, and I will be reading some poems to everyone. 

In other news, on Saturday, a group of us students went to one of the teachers houses.  The gathering was partially for anyone who wanted to go, but the idea of it was as a replacement for the weekly poetry class. 

At the professor’s house, he had two Greek poets, or, more accurately, Cyprian poets.  One woman and one man, the woman would sing, and the man played guitar.  She would translate things for him.  It was really a great experience, we got to listen to authentic Greek and Cyprian songs and poems, as well as eat homemade Greek food, and even local Greek wine! 

When we got to the house, there was a water bottle filled with wine sitting on the rail of the stairs to go into the apartment.  The professor told us that he will come home, and sometimes his landlord or someone, will just leave a bottle of wine there. 

But it was so cool, because it wasn’t even like a glass bottle with a printed label – it was just a refilled water bottle, because they actually made the wine there and bottled it for their own use.  It was really good.

Well that about covers it for this week.  The show is coming up and I’m sure I’ll have tons to report on after that. 

Until then, 
Wish me luck,


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Sunday, Nov. 18, 2007 | Paros Island, Greece

Well, I’m trying to write a paper for philosophy class.

It’s an essay on major points in my life that changed who I am or how I act or interact with the world.  It’s a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, especially to pinpoint moments of change, and to articulate them.  Wish me luck.

Paros is still great.

I mean, whenever I write this blog I feel as though I’m giving off the impression that things are getting static here on the island.  They aren’t.  Certain places are closing for the season, yes, the weather is getting colder and rainier, yes. But that’s just because it’s November already, and time is passing so quickly. 

But this is still the greatest place I’ve ever seen.  It still hits me from time to time that I’m on this island, and I just walk on air.  The people on the program are of such a good quality, that I feel bad for you back in the states, since it seems as though all the good people are here.

Families are coming to visit.  It’s interesting to see people that I’ve known for such an intense, albeit short period of time, now with the contexts of their families. 

The fact is too, that since the semester is starting to wind down, we don’t go on as many trips, and aside from the day-to-day craziness, there’s not all that much to report.  So I’m going to include a few pictures.  They were taken earlier this year when the weather was nicer.

Here’s a view from the classroom.

The main windmill in town

The view from the rooftop at Jimmy’s where I live.

Sunset at the beach

… and the town from across the bay

Enjoy, and until next week,


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Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2007 | Paros Island, Greece

It’s getting colder here on the island. The weather is starting to get weird. Most of the time it’s chilly, but then there will be rain sporadically and heavy winds. It’s somewhat of a nice change of pace though, but it can certainly get pretty grey from time to time.

The island is also emptying out for the season. People seem to be leaving at a regular pace, and more and more shops are closing. It seems like every day I see a new restaurant or store closed for the season. It’s pretty sad! Still though, enough stays open that it’s still possible to eat out, have a good time, and generally have all of our needs met, so it’s not that bad. I just think of it like having our own personal island all to ourselves.

On Monday night after poetry class, I and some of the other students went out with the poetry teacher. It was really a wonderful time. We sat and debated poetry, talked about life, explored the ideas of string theory, and talked about our experiences. I love hanging out with everyone here, and since everyone on the program is so great, its fun to do things with different combinations of people. I wonder if that makes sense.

Well, either way we always have fun. It’s great too because the teachers love hanging out too. Everyone relates very well to one another, and it’s never a problem being real with someone like a teacher.

Things are getting crazy here too. People are all trying to figure out what they’re doing for next semester. Some are staying, some are going home. People are registering for classes, and getting their travel arrangements set up for the end of the program. It’s starting to get wild, but I’m just concentrating on enjoying the rest of the semester.

Until next time, enjoy the rain.



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Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007 | Paros Island, Greece

Back to life as usual here on Paros. Classes are reaching their climax for the semester as we near the end.

In photography, we’ve been working on a few interesting projects and everyone’s been trying to decide what to do for their final project. One highlight of the week was when the photo class took a short hike up the hill on the edge of town to an old broken down barn. There, we practiced photographing people, with the class switching off being subjects and being shooters.

It was a lot of fun to be able to be in such a great environment for photographing. I have been photographing for quite some time, but it always difficult to find people who are receptive and tolerant to being looked at so intensely and photographed so much, but since everyone was doing it, all the students and I were having a great time taking photos of each other.

Halloween came around on Wednesday, and although the island is starting to empty out for the season, everyone came out in costume to have a good time. One person actually dressed up as me, which was weird. It was great to see everyone’s costumes, people had to be pretty creative in using whatever clothes they had to design something to wear. 

People are starting to visit as well, some students have family and friends coming, and it’s always neat to meet people from everyone’s real lives back in the States. It’s kind of crazy how well everyone gets to know everyone else here, and to think that we’ve only been together for less than three months!

Well, I’m sorry for the short entry, but there’s not too much to report, just classes as usual. Thanksgiving is coming up and there are some fun things planned, so I’m looking forward to that. But for now it’s just nice to be back here, trying to make the most of the time we have left.

Thanks for reading, I’ll keep you updated!



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