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About the City: Tuscania

The historic, walled city of Tuscania lies in the beautiful country side of Italy.

The walled Etruscan city of Tuscania is a charming, medieval town nestled in the Italian hillside outside of Rome. A rich collection of Italian, Etruscan and church history, Tuscania in many ways seems untouched by time.

Because of the city's smaller size, students are able to gain an authentic Italian cultural experience in this preserved city. Tuscania's close proximity to many of the country's other famous cities (Rome, Siena, Florence) conveniently positions studentswithin reach of several of Italy's other wonders.


  • Breathtaking views of old-time Italy
  • City walls surround the charming village
  • Small town allows students to gain an authentic Italian cultural experience
  • Features eighth century church San Pietro
  • Conveniently located near many of Italy's famous sites including Rome, Florence, Siena, Tarquinia, Pisa and the Mediterranean Sea
  • Bolsena Lake is only 20 minutes away

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