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About the City: Tour of Italy

Athena students are invited to enroll in the Tour of Italy program, which enables them to study for one month in Tuscania, one month in Rome and a third month in either Florence or Venice across the Fall or Spring semester.

Each of these locations offers amazing resources for studying the history of Western culture from the age of the Etruscans to the Renaissance, and the program is conceived as an historical journey through these civilizations, retracing the steps of our European forebearers and exploring the monuments they have left behind.


  • TUSCANIA: The walled Etruscan city is a charming, medieval town nestled in the Italian hillside outside of Rome.  A rich collection of Italian, Etruscan and church history, Tuscania in many ways seems untouched by time.  Because of the city's smaller size, students are able to gain an authentic Italian cultural experience in this preserved city.

  • ROME: The capital of Italy is one of the most historic locations on the planet, and holds a cultural treasure chest of Christian, Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance influences.  Rome is itself a piece of art that captures the journey from antiquity to modernity.

  • FLORENCE: Studying abroad in beautiful Florence, Italy means living in one of the most artistically and culturally rich cities in the world. From the regal Renaissance and Medieval architecture of the buildings that line the city streets, to the priceless works of art that line the walls of the Uffizi gallery, beauty and culture surround you at every turn in this richly diverse city.

  • VENICE: The seemingly mythical "City of Water" in northeastern Italy is truly out of a fairy tale. Venice is composed of 18 small islands connected only by bridges, ferries, and the city's world-famous gondolas. Venice, which was once a sovereign nation, exists as a center of commerce and art. This incredible and unique city is sure to capture the interest and imagination of any student.

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