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About the City: Rome

The classic and historic city of Rome is one of the most ancient cities in all of Europe. The capital of Italy is a cultural treasure chestof Christian, Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance influences.

Rome itself is a piece of art that captures the journey from antiquity to modernity. While wandering through the open-air markets and outdoor cafes of the city's wealth of piazzas, it becomes evident that Rome is a colorful mosaic of peoples, cultures, and nations.


If being in awe of history, power and art is what you desire, then Rome is the city for you. Rome is saturated with history around every turn, with ancient sites such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Vaticanadorning the city's landscape.

But Rome is much more than its history, as it has adapted to become an influential city in the modern world. Open-air markets and outdoor cafes create a colorful and energetic environment that you soon won't forget. The rich taste of Roman culture will stay on your palate for the rest of your life.

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