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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 | Florence, Italy

Hey guys,

Hope all is well in the U.S. This past weekend me and three other girls went to Barcelona, Spain from Wednesday night to Saturday night. We had to fly out from Pisa airport and to the Girona airport and from there took a bus into Barcelona.

vWe had a great time, saw the Picasso Museum, a ton of Gaudi's buildings which are really cool especially knowing that he designed them in 1910 because they are out of this world.

We also went to the beach for a little bit and saw Frank Gerhy's metal fish sculpture which I thought was awesome but the other girls really didn’t care either way, haha. We walked down La Rambla street and saw all the cool street vendors and all the people dressed up in all their crazy costumes.

The market there was really awesome and we got some really cheap smoothies. On our last day we went to Park Guel which is designed by Gaudi as well. As a side note as well - if you saw the last season of America's Next Top Model, the last runway show took place here. Not that I really care about that because I love the architecture of it, but most people would only recognize it by that. Anyways, the park was awesome!!

There are really cool mosaics all over the place and the cool curvy benches all mosaic. A lot of the buildings there kind of reminded me of gingerbread houses with their white curvy roof tops. I definitely suggest taking a trip there whenever you get the chance.

As far as classes are going, they are good. It is a little scary about how easy it is to forget about them, but I have a big paper coming up for my culture class that is about the Italian men in the San Lorenzo market that always say "Ciao Bella" to all the girls walking by. I had to conduct a few interviews on them and on some of the American girls to analyze the reactions that happen.

Other than that, things are pretty smooth and normal, nothing too crazy.

See ya later,

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