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Monday, April 21, 2008 | Florence, Italy

Hey Everyone,

There isn't much news to tell since last week. The only thing that I did this weekend was go on a school trip to Milan for a design show.

It was a really long bus ride there and we spent way too long at the fair place, but the exhibitions were neat. The first one we went to had designs of a lot of interior furniture by younger artists and college students.

From there we walked around. I saw enough tubs to last me a lifetime and my friend and I got lost when we had to meet our class at the end. The place was so big that you had to take a shuttle from one end to the other.

Other than that my roomies and I laid out in the sun at the park only to have the police kick everyone off the grass which was a bummer. Things have been good overall ... starting to really miss home and my family and friends, but the experience is all worth it.

See you next week,

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