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Florence, Italy
For the student looking for something inspiring. There's a reason Florence is so popular.

Florence, Italy

Program Highlights
Quick overview on what to expect

Wide selection of courses from art history to graphic design to business administration

Art & Design
Art & Design are strengths of school and city

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Tuscany region


Campus buildings sprinkled throughout the heart of Florence

Centrally-located, historic, traditional Italian apartments

Internship opportunities available

Living in Florence
What is life going to be like?


You are not alone - many other students want to study in Florence, which is why the town has a young vibe

Walking the city is like walking in an open-air museum with works by Renaissance masters scattered about the city..oh, and there is the world renowned Uffizi Gallery...

Be prepared to like food. A lot. Learn to cook Italian cuisine in your own kitchen, or better yet, pop down to your neighborhood ristorante

Easy Access
Trains and planes will get you near and far in both Europe and Italy.

Housing in Florence
Where are you going to live?


Each apartment is furnished with a full bath, kitchen and living area. Apartments typically have two bedrooms, each with double occupancy, although this may vary.

Living with a family in Florence is a great option for an enhanced authentic Italian experience

Great Location
The apartments are centrally located and easily accessible to the city center and host institution. Apartments will be within 20 minutes of the school, if not closer.

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Academics at Florence
What are you going to learn?

Students can take courses ranging from Italian Cuisine and Art History to Italian Language and International Business!

This school is home to hundreds of international students each term, all while maintaining a personalized touch.

In addition to taking classes, students can earn credit and better integrate themselves into the local culture by participating in an international internship.

Old & New
The campus' main building, dating back to the 13th century when it was a convent and church, now houses modern computer and language labs and comfortable classrooms lined with medieval frescos and sculptures adorning their walls and ceilings.

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Field Trips for Florence
Where are you going to go?

Field Trips
Included in the Athena package are two field trips per semester program and one trip per summer session

Destinations vary by semester and possible locations include: Venice, the Alps, the French Riviera, Capri, Pompeii, Cinque Terre and many more!

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Prices and Dates for Florence
When can you go?

Athena’s Florence program is one of the most affordable programs around when you compare what you get for the price.

This program is offered throughout the year: January, Spring, Summer, Fall and Year-long terms.

The unique January offering is a great option to either head over to Italy early if you are studying abroad in the Spring, or if your schedule doesn't permit you to study for a full semester.

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