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Paros Island, Greece
For the student looking for something different. And something incredible.

Paros Island, Greece

Program Highlights
Quick overview on what to expect

Humanities and art courses are a strength

Scenic surroundings sure to inspire

Many out-of-classroom learning opportunities


Incredible student apartments with balconies

Class Size
Small classes ensure personalized instruction

Instructors are masters of their craft

Living on Paros Island
What is life going to be like?


In Paros' safe environment, students have the luxury to discover this Greek island's culture in both a group dynamic, as well as an independent manner.

Located among the exotic Greek Islands, Paros Island is considered to be one of Greece's most beautiful island treasures with white-washed houses, narrow streets, flowered balconies, beautiful churches and a hilly, vineyard-covered country side.

Golden beaches with crystal clear water and amazing rock formations make up the island's coast and are reminiscent of the island's volcanic beginnings.

Greece's mainland and other islands are easily accessible by boat.

Housing on Paros Island
Where are you going to live?


Each apartment is furnished with a full bath, kitchenette and a private balcony. You're sure to love these breezy Grecian abodes!

Great Location
Most students live in single occupancy apartments (singles are on a first-come, first-serve basis), just meters from the beach and a quick walk to the island's center.

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Academics on Paros Island
What are you going to learn?

Students can take courses ranging from Philosophy to Art History to Greek Language

This school is closely aligned with Athena’s personalized mission: class sizes are small (less than 10 students per semester course)

Experienced Teachers
Professors draw on their extensive and diverse backgrounds in university teaching and administration, Fulbright programs direction, international art and academic seminars.

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Field Trips for Paros Island Program
Where are you going to go?

Croatia (Semester Only)
A 7-8 day trip to Croatia allows you to discover the nearby culture, outside of the Greek borders.

Island Excursions
During both the summer and semester programs, typically 4-5 trips to other islands are included, including trips to Santorini, Delos, Naxos and Anti-Paros.

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Prices and Dates for Paros Island
When can you go?

Athena’s Paros Island program is one of the most affordable programs around when you compare what you get for the price.

This program is offered in the Spring, Summer, Fall and for a full academic year. The program enrollment is limited so students are encourage to apply early, as admission is on a rolling basis.

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