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Sara Mason is blogging with her friend, Stephanie Sutton, about her study abroad experience in Tuscania, Italy.

Thursday, July 3, 2008: Tuscania

As Stephanie said in the previous blog, living in Tuscania is like living in a postcard! This motto has kept true though the first week of our stay here. Classes started on Monday afternoon and are going very well. Between our classes and new friends, we are staying busy and loving every moment of it!

In my photography class, I have already learned a great deal about Photoshop, how to take a successful picture, and a brief history of photography. Steph is also enjoying her classes. Her Italian class is proving especially useful in communicating with the locals; she is learning so much useful information!

We are continuing to meet new people throughout the town, as they want to make us feel welcome and enjoy Tuscania to the fullest. Each night this week, the girls in the program and I have studied together before going out for an inexpensive yet authentic and delicious dinner or gelato. The community of students and locals is absolutely wonderful - we are making such great friends and are thoroughly enjoying our experience here!


-Sara Mason

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01017 Tuscania Viterbo, Italy
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