Jet Lag is REAL!

Friends! Hey! I MADE IT. I am in Florence, trying to soak everything in. It doesn’t feel real yet. I walk past the Duomo almost everyday and it’s just incredible.

I left good ole’ Minnesota on Monday and got to Florence around 3 (8 am MN time). My flight from Minneapolis to Paris was a breeze, it was about 8 hours. I had planned to sleep during the flight but that didn’t happen (which to those who know me pretty well, isn’t a surprise! Ha) I watched quite a few movies and even laughed out loud a couple times, which got me a couple of funny looks from the other passengers. (If you don’t get funny looks every once in awhile are you doing it right? I’d say not but that’s just me. *insert sassy emoji girl here*)

When we got to Paris we had about an hour and a half to get to our next flight, which normally would be more than enough time but the airport was massive! Bigger than I was used to anyways. Now, what I didn’t know was that you have to go through security… again. Had I known this I would have dumped out my water bottle so that I wouldn’t get stopped and lose precious time. But I was a fool, I did not dump out my water. I got stopped and I had to chug half of my water bottle. Let me clue you in, I already had to pee before this, now I really had to go… like really bad. We had about 15 minutes to get to our plane before they started boarding. Which was a lot of time, we were scheduled to leave for 45 minutes. I wasn’t so worried, so we got in line for customs.

The line wasn’t exactly moving very fast and so we were still in line to get our passports stamped when our plane started boarding. These cute little old ladies let us go in front of them so we could get through quicker. It was so sweet. We got to our gate and….. no one was boarding… Our flight had been switched so we were now flying to Bologna and from there taking a bus to Florence. Which turned out to be nice for us because I had time to use the bathroom before we took off. We found our new gate and waited.. and waited.. and waited (it’s possible that I am exaggerated a little bit). At this point I was exhausted, and hot. Most of this flight was students going to Florence just like me. At our gate they loaded us up onto a bus and took us to our plane. Yes, you read that correctly. WE GOT TO LOAD RIGHT FROM THE TARMAC. Which was pretty cool. (Probably would have been more exciting had I not been falling asleep.) The rest of the trip to Florence I can’t tell you about because I was asleep the rest of the time…

We made it to Florence and headed straight to check in and found our apartments. Here in Florence they start with the ground floor and then the 1st floor and so on. So our 2nd floor would be their 1st floor. If that makes sense, well I am on the 2nd floor. My roommates and I live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. It is so cool! The windows open all the way and there are shutters on every window. There are drying racks outside our windows!!!! I CAN DRY MY CLOTHES OUTSIDE!! I got really excited about that (I’m pretty sure all of my roommates think I am crazy. Oh well *insert cry laughing emoji here*). (This would work so much better if I could use emojis so you could know when I was silently laughing to myself).

Jet Lag hit hard the first night and I went to bed around 9:30. I slept until around 8 am the next morning. We had orientation and got a feel of the town. We found the grocery store and some more of the necessary things. I got a croissant because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you get here, right? It was delicious!

So we went to the grocery store right? Well you see, I do not know Italian very well. My Spanish from high school has helped a little bit but not amazingly. I did not bring shampoo and conditioner because I didn’t have room in my bag so I needed some. I really wanted to shower, like really bad. Anyways, that is what I went to get at the grocery store. I was looking around and found some shampoo and conditioner (what I thought was shampoo and conditioner). We finished shopping and headed home. I did not buy what I needed, I instead got 2 body washes. I bought 2 of the same thing!! We laughed about it and now we don’t need to buy body wash for a really long time!

The same night I went out with a friend from home, she brought some of her friends so I got to meet some new people which is always fun! We had fresh pasta! It was so yummy! After that we went and got some gelato. We hung out for a bit and then we went and got more gelato, because why not?


I am going to give you a tip, if you are ever going to travel somewhere that is 7 hours different from your normal time zone, DO NOT TAKE A 3 HOUR NAP. You will want too, you will really really want to. You’ll think, what’s the harm in that. Just DON’T do it! (Unless you’re smarter than I am, then go for it!) We went to bed around 1:30 and I fell asleep, normal right. Wrong. I woke up at 3 and didn’t fall back asleep until 4:30 or so. In my head, I thought Nah, I don’t need an alarm. I don’t have to be anywhere until 2:30. I’ve never in my life slept past noon without waking up at least once or twice. Always set an alarm, ALWAYS. My roommate and I didn’t wake up until 2:15 pm and the only reason we woke up was because I don’t know how to turn the alarm off on my watch. So that went off at 7:15 am Minnesota time. That is the only reason we woke up, we would have missed our orientation! All because we took a nap. (Just kidding, I love naps. But seriously, set an alarm.)

The rest of the day was a lot of fun. I did some exploring on my own, which was awesome. I am already feeling comfortable in the city. It isn’t very big, which is nice. Everything I could ever need is within 15 minutes of walking. That night we had a welcome dinner that was provided by our school. The food was wonderful! It was a standing buffet so you could come and go as you pleased, plus you could eat as much as you want. It was free, and anything free is good with me! There were so many students there, I met a lot of new people, which was awesome. It’s always fun for me to meet new people, especially ones that enjoy meeting new people as well.

I LOVE YOU ALL and I hope the states are treating you well!


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