Dublin Week 3

Ruins of a castle in Ireland


This past week has been filled with many ups and downs. I caught a cold a little over a week ago and have been dealing with that ever since. Every time I went to the pharmacy they were super helpful and kind, but unfortunately the medications that they could give me didn’t work that well. So I finally went to a walk-in clinic this past Friday. The experience was a little bizarre because there was only one doctor there. But each of the appointments seemed to be going very quickly. When it was finally my turn I told him my symptoms and he very quickly prescribed me some ‘hardcore’ medicine and now I am feeling better already! I was really nervous about going to a doctor in a foreign country but it was simple and easy here! But I haven’t let my cold stop me from seeing some amazing things! Last weekend we went up to County Wicklow, where we saw some amazing sights and made friends with some horses and goats. We also casually drove by the beach they used for the town in the TV show Vikings!

County Wicklow

Then this week I registered officially for classes. I was worried about the way that credits transfer over because here classes are either worth 5 credits or 10 credits. Whereas back home, most classes are 3 credits. But the system is that credits here usually transfer back as half, so 10 credits here transfers to 5 back home. I was planning on taking 35 credits but turns out Griffith College has a maximum credit rule, which is that you can only take 30 credits. This worked out for me because 30 credits is 3 classes here, and that will transfer to 15 credits back home. But I also can understand why classes here are worth more credits. For example, I am taking a Modern Society class that will be taught by two professors. For the first professor, I have to attend one lecture and one tutorial a week, and I will have to do the same thing for the second professor. Which means I will essentially be attending this one class four times a week. Whereas back home I would only go to class two or three times a week.

Then this weekend we went on a Celtic Tour. We first stopped by Newgrange, which is a burial site that was used over 5,000 years ago in around 3000 BC. It was amazing to see the kind of structures people were using in Ireland way back then, 500 years before the pyramids! We also stopped in Slane and saw Slane’s castle, which was amazing. And we stopped by Tara’s hill where we saw a Hawthorne tree that was decorated with ribbons and necklaces and and notes. We were told that it was a fairy tree, and that people refuse to cut them down because its bad luck. People leave keepsakes there as hope for good health or as good luck. It was really beautiful!

Rolling hills of Ireland

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