SPAIN: Seville

16 Jan | Maria Gonzalez | No Comments

Here I am!! Seville, Spain

Finally the day has come,I arrive safely to Seville and two wonderful people from CLIC came to pick me up! They were so happy and kind. They brought me to my apartment where I live with two girls. Having not slept at all on the flight, I came directly to rest, so I can recover …


12 Jan | Maria Gonzalez | No Comments

2 Days to go!

Hello everyone My name is Maria González and I study Spanish education at Ohio Northern University. I got the honor to have the chance to study abroad in the beautiful city of Spain Seville. I have so many emotions right now, since my flight is in two days!!!!! OMG!!! Time flies!! I can’t believe that …


12 Mar | Samantha Mountjoy | No Comments

It’s the little things that matter…like BBQ sauce

Hola ya’ll!Sorry for not posting earlier this week but I have been crazy busy! This past week I had mid-terms…I also started a new class as my language school. I was used to getting up leisurely, going for a run, eating breakfast, then going to class. But this week all that changed! I had to …


28 Feb | Samantha Mountjoy | No Comments

Gibraltar and Ronda

Hello all, sorry for not posting for a while, I had a pretty rough week last week but this week was so much better! I met up with some family friends and almost a mini beach vacation. It was exactly what I needed to feel better. Well I took the train from Sevilla to Malaga …


16 Feb | Samantha Mountjoy | No Comments

Carnival in Cadiz

Hello y’all I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and weekend! I went to Cadiz for part of this weekend for their Carnival celebration! Also it was my first time using public transportation by myself. Usually someone else had lead and I have followed. Well not this time I was all on my own! …


8 Feb | Samantha Mountjoy | No Comments

I Go To School At A Tobacco Factory

Hello everyone I’m in full swing now! I had my orientation for University last Friday. I went with the two other girls in my program to visit the university and go to the orientation. I was very impressed by the orientation. It was in this gorgeous conference type room with at least 100 other American …



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