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Break, Rome, and Computer Problems

Computer Problems

I apologize for such a gap between posts, everything got crazy moving to Rome and leaving immediately for break…during which my computer decided to crash on me.  I retrieved it from the apple store (which was some what of a treck) yesterday.  And sadly enough…my hardrive had to be replaced so all my pictures of Italy are gone 🙁 On the bright side I do have the pictures from my first break and what I have taken in Rome so far still on my memory card!

Off to Rome

We left Tuscania, and it was very sad saying goodbye to all of the semester students and advisers whom we had developed close relationships with.  The sadness was soon replaced with the excitement of arriving in Rome.  After Orientation we were dropped off at our apartment where we met our landlord, his wife, and his son.  His son translated for us while the wife made coffee for us as we toured the apartment.  We do not have a living room but we have a nice kitchen and a fabulous bathroom! Off of 2 of the 2 bedrooms and the kitchen we have small balconies.  

Our first night in Rome was an adventure! After we settled in and unpacked three of us went out exploring with no idea where we were.  After talking to one of our friends in our program that lived in Rome last semester we had a destination but no idea how to get there.  We stopped an italian woman on the street who was incredibly nice and she walked us all the way to the metro station! There we stared at the complex map and figured out where we needed to go, how to get tickets, and which metro to get on! We got off and found our way to Piazza del Popolo.  

We were quite proud of ourselves and the Piazza was beautiful all light up at night.  Off the Piazza is one of the most famous shopping streets in Rome, Via Del Corso, where we explored a little bit while waited for our friends to arrive.  Then Matt (the student that studied in Rome last semester) showed us around and told us about what we were walking past.  We walked past the Spanish Steps and some pretty shops, and eventually found a restaurant  that was very cute and yummy! They had spiced and peppers hanging around the dining area, and they pulled off some peppers to take back to the kitchen!  

After dinner we went next door to one of the most famous gelato shops in Rome, where Katherine (she’s a vegan) and I (who has food allergies) found gelato we could have … and it was even Chocolate!  We were ecstatic and it was delicious. As we ate our gelato we walked back towards a nearby subway stop that just so happens to go past the Trevi Fountain!  It was breathtaking, all lit up at night!  I love it.  We stood there eating gelato looking at the Trevi Fountain and it hit me… I am in Rome. We walked back to the subway in Rome, which was beautiful all lit up at night before coming home.  So in the process of one short, whirlwind of a night I fell in love with Rome!

Traveling Around Europe

Early the next morning I headed out with a heart full of adventure and my backpacking backpack as company to make my way to the airport.  I found the subway, and conveniently ran into Matt, who showed me where to catch the bus the the airport. The rest of the day was full of stressful rushing around the airports trying to catch my 2 flights… but barely making it to both.  But I landed in Grenoble France and finally got to rest for a bit, while I waited for one of my best friends from home.  

She arrived and my youth pastor came with my cousin and a few family friends to pick us up from the airport.  We headed back to the camp that I had been to 4 years previously with my youth pastor and his wife (that my cousin got to experience this year)! We had the most fabulous weekend seeing Grenoble and driving to Annecy and Lyon.  We explored the city, took some amazing picture, made some fabulous memories, and had an amazing time.

I then flew back to Dublin, where my friend is going to school.  We spent the next few days seeing Dublin.  We explored the city and I got to see her school and meet her friends.  It was a lot of fun and I love the feel of the city.  Then we flew together to Malta.  To say it was an adventure was an understatement.  We successfully found the right public bus … but the bus driver got lost … for like an hour.  He kept trying to turn around in narrow narrow streets.  We finally got to our hotel.  We spent most of the weekend watching Gilmore Girls in our room, because the beach was closed, there was nothing to do, and for the most part people were not very friendly or helpful.  Finding food was an adventure in itself.  Even though we didn’t do much, it was an exhausting trip.  It was beautiful though!  

Then, together, we made it back to Rome where Geneva met my roommates and we went out to sushi! We stayed in a hostel while she was here, but we got to adventure around Rome together and eat lots of gelato.  

I started classes last week, and as always everything moves very fast.  For the most part I like my classes better than in Tuscania.  My Italian class is shorter, and the perfect length.  Our activities vary more, and in history we have more discussions. We’re getting ready for our midterm in history already and I have an Italian quiz on Thursday. It is a little nerve wracking not knowing what to expect, but I am feeling more confident than in Tuscania because I feel like I am getting a better grip of the information as we go!

I still am in love with Rome! The day and the night have a totally different feel and I love them both. I also love that the day and the nights are so vastly different from each other, because you can experience things multiple times and it feels different.  This aspect and the fact that Rome is so large and has so much history makes our time here seem so short.  It is hard to believe that we only have 2 more weekends here before we head on to Venice!  Wow!

I will download some pictures that I still have soon!


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End of Stay in Tuscania!

Sorry for such a delay in posts and the lack of pictures! School got VERY busy with school and my photo application is not working on my computer so I cannot currently upload any photos. Last week for classes I had a midterm in History, so I spent a lot of time the weekend before …


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Let it Snow?!

Unusual Weather Ohio has been warmer than Italy the last week … actually it’s the coldest weather that Tuscania has experienced in 27 years. We had rain and snow (and REALLY cold winds) this last week. The whole city (and the surrounding ones) got very nervous about the icy conditions, which in reality are nothing …


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First week in Tuscania!

It has been an incredible and exciting week!

 I arrived in the Rome airport where I spent several hours meeting other people arriving for the Tour of Italy program and the Semester in Tuscania progam, as we all waited for the bus to get us all.  After settling into our apartments we all met at school for our welcome dinner.  It was really fun to get to know other students and it was a wonderful evening.  Over the next few days we had Orientation, applied for our Permit of Stay, had a tour of Tuscania, and another group dinner to welcome those who had flight issues and arrived late the first night.  

I really enjoy my roommates and the other students on the program.  It is so intriguing to meet people from all different places and backgrounds.  Hearing about other peoples experiences is not only interesting but informative of who they are and the places they come from.

One night I went to my friends apartment and we had a group dinner with a group of people which was really fun.  We ate, talked, and spent time together.  It was really nice to get to know people better.

Yesterday some of the locals took us just a little ways out of town and took us down this (fairly steep) hillside.  At the bottom was very pretty stream with rocks.  From there we could see some ancient Etruscan tombs.  The Italians that took us explained about the tombs and all of the artifacts generally buried with the Etruscans during the time.  We heard several tales of the area as well as heard about native plants and animals.  On the way back they took us by to meet a horse (which made me very happy).  Then we made the long trek back on foot.  It was a bit of a hike, but we were in good company and beautiful countryside, so it was very fun and entertaining. 

I started class today.  Everything went very well and I think I will enjoy the classes.  In Greeks Etruscans and Romans we started learning about the Greeks and some general geography.  In Italian (I am in Elementary 1) we talked about what we ate for lunch, learned the alphabet and sounds that letters make when put together, as well as learning the verbs to be and to have.  I think that it will come fairly quickly having Italian everyday and being immersed in the culture where we can directly apply it.   

My street in Tuscania (My door is on the right)

Looking out over the town 

The river from our hiking adventure 


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This is the Final Countdown


Plane ticket…Check!




Room assignments…Check!


Packing…….almost check….


Its hard to believe that all the planning and imagining is about to be brought to life!  I have begun my final preparations for my journey and subsequent adventures overseas.  It is hard to believe that as my friends and classmates are packing to head back to Ohio and I am packing for ITALY! I am becoming more excited and a little more nervous every day.  Although I am a little bit nervous (I think it is to be expected, at least a little bit) I am feeling positive and prepared for this journey!  I am looking forward to getting to know my classmates and other amazing people I am sure to meet along the way as we begin this extraordinary adventure together!

Since this is my first post, I thought I would incorporate a little bit of information about myself.  The following bio is also included in my profile page of the blog:

There is a reason I ride horses.  Riding a horse is more natural that walking.  And when both feet are on the ground obstacles such as doorways, chairs, and counters tend to be more daunting than jumping on the back of a horse.  Some people may call it being a klutz.  I call it being an avid horsewoman.  However, facing challenges on the back of a horse has made me stronger in facing challenges on my own two feet, always with the help of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  I ride horses for pleasure and I have a huge passion for it.  I guess that is a good thing considering I have chosen it for my career path as well. 

I am an Equine Entrepreneurship major and Business Administration Minor at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio.  I focus on taking as many electives as I can in equine teaching and training. I am a member of my schools English Intercollegiate Horse Show Association riding team.  I am also a Lake Erie College Ambassador as well as the Co-President of Annex Christian Fellowship. 

My schoolwork, my activities, my family, and my friends are extremely important to me.  My family and beautiful home sweet home lies in the one and only Tacoma, Washington.  I have been blessed with amazing opportunities over the years, and I have been to Mexico, China, France, and all over the United States for both personal reasons as well as on Mission trips.  Every new opportunity and experience, whether it be on a horse, in school, or through travels, is a new opportunity to enhance life long learning.  I am so thrilled and grateful to have this opportunity to participate in the Tour of Italy program, where I am excited to learn more about this amazing world I live in, as well as to learn more about myself and grow as a person.


Meet My Horse Sassy, She is really the sweetest thing on earth

My Loving Family

The Beautiful Puget Sound, Home Sweet Home


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008: Tuscania

We have officially finished our last weekend excursion, and it took every muscle in my body to step off our last train once it was done. I didn’t want to leave our Cinque Terre weekend behind me. The Cinque Terre is a region of the Italian Riviera on the northwest coast of Italy that consists …




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