ITALY: Florence (SRISA)

2 Feb | Alyssa Meehan | No Comments

100 Days left!

This might be a bit crazy to think about but already been in Florence for 15 days and only 100 left who knew days would fly by! Everyday seems to be a different challenge from not being able to communicate with people to just different other challenges but its a good way to show yourself …


2 Feb | Alyssa Meehan | No Comments

Secret treasures

Well its officially like the third week of school. Where is time going? As everyone and I, I’m sure are finally in the  swing of things and getting used to the Italian life style but whats there to complain about? Living in Florence, Italy is beyond amazing, everything is so laid back no worries or …


16 Jan | Alyssa Meehan | No Comments

week filled with fun and lots of food!

food for blog Yes I’m your typical tourist taking pictures of food! But how can’t you there is so much new delicious food you just have to capture it every time! Well its the time almost been here for two weeks and just cannot believe it, seems like time is flying now and need to …


16 Jan | Alyssa Meehan | No Comments

Appreciate what you have

      This might be a bit personal but i would like to share to you my background. I came from a very close family who had always big dreams as you can see I’m in Italy! But as i was younger i was a home body and always afraid to leave home, but …


12 Jan | Alyssa Meehan | No Comments

Weekend away in Tuscany!

This past weekend the SRISA group got a little getaway to Tuscany. As we came on Weds not many of us were expecting a trip so soon but we were told to have our bags pack and we were leaving at 8 am Friday morning! As for me and everyone else we all packed our …


5 Jan | Alyssa Meehan | No Comments

First day torture, second day awesome

As i arrived i was super excited and could not wait to get to the apartment to explore. As that being said i did just that with my roommate. We walked around site seeing and taking everything in. Went back to apartment looked at each other and both did not like it. I thought it …



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