ITALY: Florence (Ldm)

22 Feb | Taylor Smith | No Comments

Venezia Carnival

It is officially week 3 of classes. I always find it cliche when someone tells me time flies by, but it certainly does. It feels like I was just making my way through town trying to find the book store and other materials for class, now we are already working on presentations and preparing ourselves …


17 Feb | Taylor Smith | One Comment

When In Rome!

I spent the past weekend in Rome with a bunch of other students from LDM. The school hosts a few different weekend trips throughout the semester, and the very first was to Rome! I definitely fell in love with the city. It is so much bigger than Florence, and has a more American City vibe. …


17 Feb | Anna Waltman | No Comments

Laughing Through it All

Hi, Friends! Back at it again. I feel as if I haven’t informed you on my life in ages (it’s only been a week). Last week was the first week of class and it went better than I expected. I’m used to having to buy books and having huge massive classes. In Italy, the classes …


10 Feb | Anna Waltman | No Comments

Jet Lag is REAL!

Friends! Hey! I MADE IT. I am in Florence, trying to soak everything in. It doesn’t feel real yet. I walk past the Duomo almost everyday and it’s just incredible. I left good ole’ Minnesota on Monday and got to Florence around 3 (8 am MN time). My flight from Minneapolis to Paris was a …


10 Feb | Anna Waltman | No Comments

Learning the Language

Hi Friends! This week is the first week of class and my day off! On Tuesday’s I don’t have class, so it’s my day to run errands and relax. As well as do homework. Which I haven’t started yet, but I’m not too worried. It is for Italian and I have some things to memorize. I’ve recently learned …


2 Feb | Taylor Smith | One Comment

A Week and Some Change

Ciao amici! The countdown to my Italian adventure is finally in single digits. In 9 days, I will be boarding my United flight to start the next chapter of my life. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am right now. My bags have been packed for days, and I am not embarrassed about …



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