GREECE: Paros Island

21 Mar | Hannah Jaffe | No Comments

A Seasonal Culture

The past few weeks in Greece have given me the opportunity to truly embrace and understand the Greek culture. Just as I was walking over to this café I had to stop and sit on a bench so I could embrace one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever laid my eyes on. I …


21 Mar | Hannah Jaffe | No Comments

Exploring the Island

Since my last post I have been to the lowest and highest points, literally, on Paros Island. The lowest point would be the ancient marble mine caves. The mine we explored is known as the Nymph mines and they produce marble that has been used to build numerous structures around Greece including parts of the …


21 Mar | Hannah Jaffe | No Comments

Week one, won and done! From Athens to Paros

  I have been in Greece for a little over a week now. As with any major adjustments, during the first couple days, although they were filled with nothing but beauty, I couldn’t help but feel nervous. On the night of March 6th whilst the other six girls slept in the hostile, I snuck outside …


7 Mar | Hannah Jaffe | One Comment

From California to Paris and now… Athens!

Between trying to get the family cat (Elvis) out of my suitcase, taking one last family car ride to LAX, and spending 10 hours on board Air France I have made it from California to Paris, France, and now Athens, Greece! The flight consisted of enjoying some complimentary red wine and having a movie marathon …


9 Sep | Anna-Marie Tan | No Comments

Athens: First Glimpse

After the hectic final weeks leading up the trip, and the 13 hour flight connecting through Montreal, I finally arrived in Athens. The very first thing I noticed while on the train into the city was the ubiquitous graffiti. It is absolutely everywhere along the train route, and once you get into the city. I …


29 Jul | Leah Theoharis | No Comments

Happy to experience rain

      It’s raining in the Boston area. It hardly rains in Greece, so this is the first time I’ve got to experience rain in a while. Near Boston, it rains about every other day, and I’m exaggerating a little, but it does rain often here and I always get excited when it does. …



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