GERMANY: Heidelberg

8 Jul | Tyler Newell | No Comments

Summer 2 – 1st Week

Hello everyone! This past week was the first of the Summer 2 term. I didn’t travel anywhere this weekend but still had a pretty eventful week. For our weekly excursion the ESC staff took us to the nearby town of Mannheim. The German National Team played in the semifinals of the Euro Tournament as well. …


3 Jul | Tyler Newell | No Comments

End of Summer 1

Hello everyone! Sorry I have not written a post in sometime, these past few weeks have been very hectic. When I last wrote you guys I had just returned from a trip to Berlin. Since then the Summer 1 program has ended and all of the great people I spent the last month with have …


12 Jun | Tyler Newell | No Comments

Strasbourg, France and Berlin, Germany

Another incredible weekend in Europe. On Thursday my fellow students and I traveled to Strasbourg, France which is about two and a half hours away. Our first stop was the Natzweiler Concentration Camp. This was by far the most meaningful experience I have had while abroad. To see first hand the evils that took place …


6 Jun | Tyler Newell | No Comments

Munich and Prague

Hello everyone! This weekend I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit both Munich, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic. All in all probably one of the best weekends of my life.  My journey started Thursday evening following the conclusion of classes. Myself and 11 other classmates caught a bus going from Heidelberg to …


28 May | Tyler Newell | No Comments

Hit the Ground Running

Landed in Germany! Man was the flight long and uncomfortable. The last five hours were just brutal and I didn’t sleep the entire flight. I landed in Frankfurt about 10am local time. After gathering my bags and several wrong turns I finally made it to the shuttle pick-up. Once at the ESC I was able …


25 May | Tyler Newell | No Comments

I leave when???

Hello everyone! Today is the day! I have been so busy the last two weeks it feels like May didn’t even happen. From spending time with family and friends and work I feel like I haven’t even had time to prepare for the trip. I finished packing yesterday and am currently waiting for my first …



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