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Select $500 Fall 2017 Grants

Athena is pleased to be offering $500 grants for select Fall 2017 programs.  With Fall deadlines quickly approaching, we hope this will give those students on the fence an extra little nudge.  Five programs, all of which have incredible appeal, come with $500 grants that will be automatically applied! LONDON, ENGLAND Athena’s London program is unique – …


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“A La Carte Pricing” Offers Low Cost Summer Study Abroad Options

Since Athena's founding in 2005, a number 1 reason students think they can't study abroad has been the same: COST. This is especially the case in summer, where most students are unable to use financial aid. For this summer, we have addressed that problem more than any other time.  With our updated pricing structure, which we ...


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Computer Reach

Athena Team Member Choice: John On Friday, December 11, the Athena Study Abroad team volunteered at Computer Reach, a unique organization that refurbishes, repurposes, and recycles used computers in an ethical and environmentally conscious way. Computers that can be refurbished are provided to people and organizations in need (often non-profits and NGOs). When I told …


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Stay or Go: Where to Spend Your Weekends While Abroad

Stay or Go: Where to Spend Your Weekends While Abroad   The thought of traveling out of the country and experiencing another culture is definitely an exciting thing, so much so that we don’t always like to settle for just the one country. Often when students study abroad they’ll study in one country, like I …


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Short vs. Long Term Study Abroad: Choosing the Right Program Length for You

  One of the first and most important decisions you will have to make when embarking on your study abroad journey is deciding whether to do a short or long-term program.  No matter how you look at it, neither one is better than the other in every case, or for every person. Deciding whether a …


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Summer 2016 Short-Term Service Scholarship Winner: Jacqueline Guilbeault

 Short-Term Service Scholarship: $400 Jacqueline Guilbeault, Viterbo University Quito, Ecuador    Athena is very proud to present this summer’s Short-Term Service Scholarship to Jacqueline Guilbeault, who is currently exploring our program in Quito, Ecuador for six weeks. Jacqueline stood out to us as a candidate for this scholarship because of her passion for the Spanish …



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