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Faculty Led and Customized Programs


Professors and/or academic faculty & staff members who are interested in leading a group of students on a life-changing, international experience abroad. 


Athena's Faculty Led & Customized Programs enable you to travel abroad with your students by providing you with convenience at a reasonable cost.  Programs can coincide with Athena's current program offerings and program dates, or they can be completely  customized.  Athena's Faculty Led & Customized Programs allow you to have the flexibility you need to accomplish the goals that you identify for your program in terms of academic quality, linguistic education, and cultural exposure.  Athena can provide and/ or arrange logistical support, classroom facilities, housing accommodations, cultural excursions, local guest lectures, and much more while allowing you to focus on academic instruction with fewer administrative duties.


Athena currently offers several program locations in Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland, England, and Australia.  Faculty Led Program Leaders can select from any one of our existing locations and host partner institutions.


Athena's Faculty Led & Customized Programs offer flexible scheduling.  Typically, spring break weeks and summer months are the most popular, but we also offer full semester programs.


The benefits of Athena's Faculty Led & Customized Programs are truly immeasurable!  However, we've listed a few here for your reference:

  • Our experienced professionals can partner with you in setting goals for your program, coordinating pre-departure planning as well as the overseas program itself, and advising your students via e-mail, Facebook, or phone (to the extent that you are comfortable).
  • You can maintain academic control of your program, without having to worry about the administrative details. 
  • Athena can provide recruitment materials, assist in the processing of application materials, coordinate orientation sessions, and publish a student handbook.
  • The health and safety of your students and faculty members are our highest concern.  Athena can provide supplemental health insurance as well as emergency contacts and procedures, should anything unexpected arise.  
  • Athena promotes global citizenship!  Our programs will allow for faculty and student development.  By participating in an Athena Customized Program, you are assisting your students in becoming more self confident and globally aware.


For more information on faculty led & customized programs, or to request our program planning form, you may contact Athena in either of the following ways:

  • Call us at 1-866-9-ABROAD (1-866-922-7623)

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