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Why partner with Athena

Why Partner With Athena

Affiliating with Athena Study Abroad offers several benefits and absolutely no risk to your school.  Our standard agreements are non-exclusive and ensure that your office has the most streamlined experience when your students travel abroad with Athena. 

Below are some reasons to affiliate with Athena:

  • Cultivate Global Awareness:  Athena’s primary goal is to create global awareness, which in turn leads to tolerance.  A great way for us to achieve this goal is through teaming up with universities that hold these same ideals.
  • Expand Your Office:  Athena prides itself on being small, efficient and personalized.  By sending students through Athena, you are guaranteeing quality, hands-on service.  We become merely an extension of your office, easily reachable and ready to help.  Partnering with Athena also provides your office with a wealth of ready-made programs that can serve as the offerings of your school without the cost of faculty, staff and facilities.
  • Increase Study Abroad Availability:  By offering per student discounts, Athena ensures your students or your office will save money which makes studying abroad available to as many students as possible. 
  • Tailor-Made Affiliations:  Athena has a standard affiliation agreement that is available to potential partners, or Athena can tailor an agreement to meet the unique needs and policies of your school

To request information about opportunities for partnership between your organization and Athena Study Abroad:

  • Call us at 1-866-9-ABROAD (1-866-922-7623)

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